Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little Christmas Project...

To share.....a itty bitty mini book of my top 5 favorite movies for Christmas....honestly, this was so hard....I had to kick out the Dr. Seuss' version of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" to make room for "A Charlie Brown Christmas"......and I love Boris Karloff's voice!!!! But, it was fun to use the mini photos of each movie....they are so cute!!!

Overall, it was a mini challenge for myself to use as few products as possible, and just repeat them on each page. I decided to use only 3 different Christmas papers, Hambly frames, the American Crafts silver embellishments, pink buttons, text, silver clips, and some ribbon. Also, I decided to try a new technique where I took some black paint (watered down a little with water), and splattered it onto each page.....and I kinda like how it turned out...let me know what you think...

You can click here to see the entire album. It is also on display at the Pink Pineapple if you want to see it in person....


  1. when i grow up {as a scrapbooker} i wanna be JUST like you!!!! youre the very, very, very best!!!

  2. I saw this at the Pink! So stinkin cute!! I love it!