Monday, February 27, 2012

{a winter} walk

winter grass While visiting my family up in Washington over Christmas, on the afternoon of December 29th this pretty girl and I decided to take the doggies out for a stroll at the Railroad Bridge Park.....

our path Gatsby sported his rain jacket, while Ponyo's soft teddy bear fur kept him snugly warm.....

pavement patchwork what does he see The winter color was breathtakingly beautiful, and everything sparkled from an early morning shower.....

winter color it's a blur gatsby has a jacket berries or snow?
The last few month's I've been enjoying a little ribbon or yarn woven into my braids.....

winter braids And here we are enjoying the river covered in an afternoon haze.....

the river view This little doggie kept peeking through the side of the bridge to admire the view and eventually the tips of his ears turned bright green from the pretty moss covered railing.....

mossy ears out for a walk
(You can click on any of the images to see them larger in Flickr.  All photos by me except for the two of me were taken by Blondie Paws.  Photoshop actions by yours truly :)  Also, click HERE to see another afternoon in photos spent at the Railroad Bridge Park during the summer of 2010!  I am so excited to go back to this wonderful place and do it all over again! Have a lovely, lovely week!!! <3 Carrie

Friday, February 24, 2012

{winter} magic

{winter} magic Week 8's layout is all about the magic of winter.  It's my favorite time of year in San Diego because of the cooler weather.  I used the THIS template from Jessica Sprague, Blue paper in For The Love Of Chevron by Ali Edwards, and White Linen Paper by Kitschy Digitals.  The fonts are Circus, Mom's Typewriter, and Brush Script.  Here is the journaling:

Winter here in San Diego still gives the warmth of fresh color.  These happy little daffodils were at the Quail Botanical Gardens.  Steph and I noticed them as we were strolling by.  Winter magic.  I love you San Diego.  <3 Carrie

Monday, February 20, 2012

{my} heart

{my} heart I am a little behind on my layouts, so I'm skipping week 6 (still working on it and will share soon) and this is week 7.  I used the newest Jessica Sprague PhotoShop Friday template, with extra digital elements from Kitschy Digitals, and the photo frame by House of Three (no longer in business).  Fonts are Dali and Cooper Std.  Here's the journaling:

Such a simple photo of my niece (who is too precious for words), while at Port Williams.  She loved running along the beach, splashing in the high tide.....that is, until her feet got wet!  Who knew we would be spending Christmas Eve surrounded in all her giggles, filled with such happiness.....this photo makes me smile.  <3 Carrie

Saturday, February 4, 2012

{you} were here

{you} were here Week 5's digital layout holds wonderful memory's for me.....I still daydream about the lovely afternoon I spent with my Dad at Murdock Beach last Spring (you can see all the photos from that day HERE).  I am still using the Photoshop Friday templates from over at Jessica Sprague, the background paper is Kitschy Digitals Watercolor Doily in Mustard, and the textured paper is also Kitschy Digitals in Wrinkled Linen.  Here's the journaling:

March 28th, 2011.  Murdock Beach.  My Dad and I walked along the rocky beach looking for fossils.  We actually ended up seeing quite a few of them without realizing it.  They just looked like a rock inside a rock to us!  (A favorite memory of 2011).  <3 Carrie

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{autumn} smiles

{autumn} smiles
For this week's digital layout I decided to use some of the pics I took last fall.....I was inspired by that lovely pea green color.  The digital template is from the Jessica Sprague Photoshop Friday class on 1.27.12, the two papers I used are Ali Edwards For The Love Of Chevron Cream, and LiveE Designs Grassy Sky.  The fonts are Angel Tears and 1942 Report.  Here is the journaling:

One of my favorite things to do the beginning of each season is to enjoy a leisurely walk down quail gardens road and take photos of things that make me smile.

Autumn is a wall of ivy, streams of sunlight, and layers of yellow and green when I look up. <3 Carrie