Saturday, March 31, 2012

{this weekend} i am loving

{april} projects
This weekend I am loving.....
  • The multitude of craft projects on my desk (each one is SO fun!)
  • Watching Easter Parade with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland (the costumes are amazing, and I adore how one of the characters has a different puppy to match each of her outfits... : )
  • Lots of beauty rest
  • Carefully packing all my pretty clothes for Washington (and deciding what to keep out and wear for the next month)
  • The cool breeze against my skin while running
  • Sparkly gold nail polish
  • Wearing a new sequin dress to a special someones birthday party!
  • Snuggles from my puppies
  • Gluten free pancakes with fresh strawberries for dinner
  • Relaxing with my Sweetie
  • Hot cups of sweet peach tea
  • MDNA (the new Madonna album)
  • All the colorful wildflowers in bloom around our house

What are you up to this weekend?  <3 Carrie

{march} desk

Thursday, March 29, 2012

{through} the fisheye

{pink} poppies As promised, here are some of the fisheye photos from my trip to the Alta Vista Gardens with sweet Nely. The lens captures 170 degrees from left to right, and I just love all the pretty color from using limography film.....I'm hooked. <3 Carrie
{n & c} {spring} color {tall} grass {photo} day {sunflair} {nely} {180 degrees} of pink {out} for a stroll

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{toy} camera

{toy} camera
While my mom (pictured above) was down visiting the beginning of March we spent a couple hours in Little Italy and ended up at Dick Blick looking at the toy cameras. I have been daydreaming about these super cute and fun toys for a while and ended up leaving the this Hello Kitty Fisheye!!! I've used up two rolls of film so far, and tomorrow I'll share some pics taken with this gem as a continuation from my trip with Nely to the Alta Vista Gardens. See you soon! <3 Carrie

Sunday, March 25, 2012

{time} with sweet friends

{white} arbor I have been so busy with prepping for our move to Washington.....I really miss blogging. So today I decided to do a quick blog post with lots of photos! My sweet friends have been making lots of time for me and so in between packing and finishing up art projects there have been lots of new adventures with them :D Nely took me to the Alta Vista Gardens yesterday and we spent a wonderful afternoon taking photos, chatting, laughing and in general feeling very inspired by the beauty all around.  The tiny peach flower below was her favorite when she was a kid.  It only grows a couple inches tall and the bloom is the size of a push pin.  I think little fairy's might live here.....what do you think?  <3 Carrie {the smallest} flower {flowers} in bloom {lilly} pond {bumble} bee {adventure} on the road {labyrinth} {strolling} in yellow {purple} in layers {alta vista} gardens (All photos by me, expect the ones of me where taken by Nely. Photoshop actions by me. You can click on most of the images to see them larger in Flickr.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{rainy} days

{flowering} tea
Last weekend was a very special rainy day. I wore a pretty pink scarf, spent lots of time with Ryan, and the best part?!?.....I enjoyed a few lovely cups of flowering peach flavored tea from Teavana!!! It's like a miracle. This green tea ball opens up under water and a tall pale yellow flower emerges (pictured above).  I think I actually squeaked as I watched it happen : ) IN HEAVEN : ) : )

{rainy} daysToday there is also some exciting news I'd like to share with you. Ryan and I have decided to move from San Diego to Seattle......partially for my health, but also so I can be close to my family in Washington.....I am thrilled! Lots of happiness, excitement, packing, spending time with friends and planning with Ryan this month (hence the stagnant blogging).  We move in April, and honestly are both a little nervous (we'll miss our friends and family here), but are very happy, ready and willing.....especially since my mother came down for a long weekend of adventure here recently (will share pics of this soon), and one evening she helped me pack most of my kitchen. Now I am even more ready to move on. There's nothing like the support of your beautiful mother <3 Carrie

{happy} days

Saturday, March 3, 2012

{renee's} travel journal

*what makes you smile*

I have been lucky enough to join in on a fun travel journal project with some blog friends this Spring! Marlene, Val, and Renee : ) These are my pages from Renee's minibook. She provided the prompts for each page, and here's what I came up with:

The photo above is my page on *what makes me smile*. I attached a cute teddy bear in the center and added journal strips around it with things that make me smile....
  • driving through rainbows with my Mom
  • my puppy Ponyo and his priceless moments
  • handmade crafts
  • fresh flowers in the Spring
  • the laugh lines around My Sweetie's eyes
  • wii dancing with my 5 year old niece
  • special moments captured in photos
  • the rain
And below was a *free page*, so I altered one of my digital layouts from February and printed it out to add in.....

*free page*

This page was *name and any info you'd like to share* in your favorite color. I added a green paper with journaling about myself and stapled the label from my favorite drink right now.....

*name and info*

Here's my *favorite quote*. I used this DIY for creating the background to help make it all pop!

*favorite quote*

For this page, I handmade a vellum envelope to hold a *postcard* of Encinitas. And I thought the little ladybugs added a fun touch of Springtime.....

*encinitas postcard*

And I did something a little different for Renee's *sunset* prompt. Instead of sharing a photo of the actual sunset, I scrapped photos of what it looks like around my home during the sunset.....

*encinitas sunset*

This page was *make a wish*, and so here are my wishes.....
  • one day to have a house of my own
  • My Sweetie and I could live in Sequim, near my family
  • to become a Tai Chi Master
  • the dishes could magically clean themselves
  • for peace and happiness for those I love
*make a wish*

Here's *a picture of you* and any random facts of things that make you - you.....
  • love to watch movies and listen to music everyday

*it's me*

I had a hard time with this one because my hand is so shakey: *doodle your name*.....

*doodle your name*

And this was one of my favorite pages, *favorite things to do in your city*:
  • visit the beach
  • take photos at the botanical gardens
  • visit the Del Mar racetrack
  • go to the Del Mar fair
  • visit the museums at balboa park
  • picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
  • ice skating at the Hotel Del
  • visit the San Diego Zoo
  • walk around La Jolla Shores
*favorite places* And that's it! March is probably the craziest month I will have all year, but I'll be sure to share my pages (once they're done) from Val's travel journal next <3 Carrie