Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{out for a walk} robin hill farm

{robin hill farm} out for a walk
Over the weekend I enjoyed a walk with my family exploring Robin Hill Farm County Park. The weather was perfect. Blue sky, cool breeze, and sunlight streaming through the trees. My grandpa was the navigator with the help of my sister, Sarah. Sarah brought her three adorable dogs, my mom brought a blanket to wrap up in, and my little sister brought her earbuds for listening to music while she walked (I brought my camera). This ended up being so fun we were out exploring for about an hour and a half before the trail led us back to our cars.....
{robin hill farm} mapping it out
These giant trees always amaze me.....
{robin hill farm} blue sky {robin hill farm} keeping warm
Elora Danan barely stood still for a photo.....
{robin hill farm} elora danan {robin hill farm} streaming sun
Jango Fett on the other hand was the perfect model.....
{robin hill farm} jango fett {robin hill farm} beautiful landscape
My mom pointed out a plane flying through the beautiful blue sky.....
{robin hill farm} look at the plane {robin hill farm} flyin' {robin hill farm} afternoon shadows {robin hill farm} teenager
And Jaguar Paw reminds me so much of my doggie Gatsby (photo by my mom).....XO
{robin hill farm} jaguar paw {robin hill farm} xo

Thursday, February 14, 2013

{to my sweet} valentine

{valentine 2013}
Happy Valentine's to all my lovely friends today! The puppies helped me put together a valentine for Ryan this year.....they each wrote him a note and signed it with their paw print in paint (so classic - wish I could have taken photos of them painting!!).  For the supplies, I used mostly Basic Grey, some raccoon stickers, blue thread, and my dollar heart punch from Michael's.  XO

{valentine 2013} thread {valentine 2013} inserts {valentine 2013} note from gatsby {valentine 2013} note from ponyo {valentine 2013} note to my sweetie {valentine 2013} close

Monday, February 11, 2013

{layout} love to see you happy

{layout} love to see you happy
The other day I put together my first layout of the year.....and it felt great (I'm a bit rusty to be honest). I used a photo from my sister's baby shower with lots of layering and sewing.  It's pretty typical for me to use patterned papers with quite a bit of color, and this was no exception.  I've been doing a lot of crafting for other people the last few months, and it's nice to create something for myself to enjoy from a memory I love. XO

{layout} love to see you happy | layers {layout} love to see you happy | sewing {layout} love to see you happy | text

Friday, February 1, 2013

these {winter} days

{these winter days} there is blue sky

These days there are breaks from our cool overcast weather so we can smile at the beautiful blue sky.
These days there are fluffy tails mixed with shedding conifer.
{these winter days} fluffy tails

These days there are pots of hot loose leaf tea to enjoy with my favorite gluten free cookie.
{these winter days} pots of hot tea

These days the grass is so green, it's love at fist sight.

{these winter days} greenest of grass

These days my favorite lunch is the homemade potato, broccoli cheese soup from A Beautiful Mess (except I used yukon gold instead of baking potatoes, and a mexican cheese blend instead of cheddar).
{these winter days} homemade soup

These days there is lots of sun bathing going on in our yard. These days are good. XO
{these winter days} sun baithing