Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Rainbow Kind of Day

A Full Rainbow

Storm Puddle

Raindrops from Roses

Sunset after the storm

It rained today.  There was loud thunder and bright lightning and a full rainbow, and beautiful sunset.  It was such a nice change from the 106 degree weather we have been having here on the coast.  Beautiful.  Crazy.  Of course I was still in a tank top, with the fan on inside but it's all good : )  Right now, I have a scented candle lit, drinking red wine, eating a meaty calzone and watching tv with Ryan.  The puppies are napping.

And speaking of the puppies here is the Yoda blanket I finished for Ponyo.....

New Blankie

I know you can't really see the actual blanket, but it was next to impossible to get a photo of this little guy without holding him.  He will not stay still for more than a second today.  Cutie Pie.

See ya tomorrow!
<3 Carrie

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

Right now I am just crazy about these adorable children's books!  I saw them the other day while visiting the Legoland Aquarium.  The illistrations are by Meomi, and you can see their website HERE.  I have been trying to talk myself into buying one, but other than having it for me to read there really is no point.  So, right now it's up in the air.  My favorite so far the the Sea of Shade.....but honestly they are all so cute a favorite doesn't really count!!!

And here is the only picture I took at the aquarium.....

Legoland Aquarium

Looks like an adventure, right?!?!  Legoland did a fantastic job of designing and decorating this beautiful place.  I was talking with my friend while there, and we decided that if we could we would bring a quilt, some snacks and a book and just relax in this bright room.

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Carrie

Monday, September 27, 2010

Playing with pretty fabric

*pretty fabric*

Today is a scortcher.  I mean really hot.  Here on the coast it's almost a 100 degrees outside.....and I am trying not to be miserable (with no air conditioning).  So, I have decided to work with some pretty fabric to help cheer me up.  There is a special project for a friend with the little stack, and a blanket for Ponyo with the flannel and black fuzzy stuff.  My sewing machine is out, and I am ready to go.  Should be fun : )

Over the weekend I made some of these tissue paper pom poms from Martha Stewart (in white).  They are now hanging in a sweet corner and making my day that much more cheery.....

*diy pom poms*

And I think I'm going to watch this movie while I work.....

Meet Me in St. Louis

It's one of my favorites to watch during the summertime, and since it's so warm today I'm thinking all the bright colors, beautiful people, and lovely music are perfect to help brighten my day.  If I remember correctly the director paid special attention to the details of all the textiles and fabrics and colors, because it was shot specifically to be shown in technicolor.  I think they even went through old sears catalogs to remake most of the costumes.  It is a wonderful movie.

Have a lovely Monday!
<3 Carrie

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Means.....

Fall Means *Espresso & Mittens*

.....Espresso and Mittens.  

The next couple pages in my Fall minibook.

*Espresso & Mittens* Close

Earlier this week I met my dear friend April for a lovely evening at a cute coffee shop and then a funny movie (yes, we both laughed a lot).  It was when the weather was still cool here, and so I had grabbed my new mittens and hat as I left the house for our date.  By the time April and I were sitting at a cozy table, the sun had set and I was so glad to have them keeping me warm.  The coffee shop was long and skinny with french doors all along one side.  Of course the doors were all open, and from where we sat next to one of them, there was a row of fire pits lining a cobblestone patio.  The atmosphere was perfect for a cool Fall evening.  We sat and chatted, sipping on our yummy espresso while waiting for the movie.....



It makes me smile inside to think of that lovely evening, and so espresso, mittens, a cozy coffee shop, and a good friend is what Fall means to me today : )

Oh, and I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season yesterday.  It was heavenly!!!

Here's to keeping cozy!
<3 Carrie

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

*Colors of Fall*

Happy first day of Fall!  

To celebrate I thought it would be nice to share some photos I took on a walk this past weekend.....

Pretty Leaves

Afternoon Sunshine

Crimson Ivy

Colorful Brick Wall

Fountain Grass

Lovely day for a walk

Time for boots

I had to throw in this last photo since it's officially boot and tight season (even though I wear them all year round).

It was so relaxing to just go on an afternoon stroll with Gatsby, and stop every once in a while to take photos.  There aren't many changes in the scenery here, so I had to really search for the rare Fall leaves and seasonal color.  It was the perfect day for it though, even though the sun was out I found shade and a cool breeze felt great on my skin.  The afternoon sun would stream off the golden leaves and it was like a happy light turned on in my head from the burst of color. Lovely.

The last few days have actually been overcast and a little drizzly on and off in San Diego.  It's been really nice.  Perfect weather for a warm drink and scarf as accessories on an outing.  And speaking of outings, I think I'm going to find some pumpkins this weekend and start a little Fall decorating.....maybe get my first pumpkin spice latte.....cook something in the crock pot : )

It's finally Fall!
<3 Carrie

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ponyo at 10 weeks

Ryan <3 Ponyo

Our little puppy is growing every day.  He is so precious.

I'm contemplating getting him a Halloween costume.  I think I may even have one from when Gatsby was a puppy that might fit in a couple weeks.  Although, he probably wouldn't really keep it on : )

However, tonight I get a break from puppysitting and have a date with one of my beautiful girlfriends.  We are meeting for pie and tea at a sweet coffee shop, and then a movie in a theater with the softest seats.  I'll try and get some photos (if I remember to bring my camera...been a little absent minded lately).  And I think this evening is the perfect weather for wearing my new black beanie and mittens (a recent birthday present).  Sigh, sometimes it's little things that add the cherry on top.

Have a wonderful evening!
<3 Carrie

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

*2010 Daydream* Layout

*2010 Daydream* Layout Close

What a day for a daydream; It's one of those days for takin' a walk outside.

I love the above saying from this October Afternoon sticker sheet.  The actual sticker didn't match my layout, so I printed it out onto a strip from a cloud photo I had taken this summer.....kinda fun, right?!?!

I used both the July Kits from the Pink Ninja Addicts for this 6x12 layout, and I just can't get enough of these colors!  I know it's time for fall, but this kit is SO me.  If you haven't seen it yet, I would recommend taking a look at least for inspiration.  It's lovely.

Here's to a great week!
<3 Carrie

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sweet peas = Sweet mail

*Sweet Peas*
 (Photo from The Cutting Garden in Sequim, taken by me on a warm summer afternoon : )

Sending Mail

Sending mail.  I rarely send mail.  You?

I was thinking the other day about how excited I get when I find a card, or lovely note waiting for me in my mailbox.  It immediately brightens my day.  Well, I decided this week that I wanted to send some love to a dear friend, and that a homemade postcard was in order...

Postcard *Love*

.....and now I get to share it with you too.  Where ever you are at today, I am sending some love from me to you.

Wishing you a beautiful day,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

*Suspenders* Love

I LOVE suspenders right now!

You can't tell from the lighting in the photos, but I am wearing black and white pinstriped slacks.  Personally I think they are kind of key to this outfit, but I wanted to use these photos since my little sis Amber took these pics of me.  We had a lovely afternoon that last day of July together.  We ate burgers and fries white sitting on that log, our feet dangling just above the Dungeness River.  And went for a cool walk in the woods after.  It was perfect.

Happy Wednesday!
<3 Carrie

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lovely Rain

*Lovely Rain*

Today I couldn't help but wish that our 70 + degree weather would suddenly change to a cool rainy afternoon.  

So, when reminiscing through photos tonight this one seemed perfect for sharing.  It's the view from my chair at the dining room table in my Mom's kitchen.....looking through the double doors into her lovely yard.  Everything looks so magical outside (to me) when it's wet.  I remember when I took this photo I was thinking about how content I was at that exact moment.  It may sound crazy, but when you have chronic hives (and are allergic to the sun), living where the sun shines every day gets a little old.  Or maybe it's just that I wish it was Fall already.  Or that I have always loved the rain : )


Tonight I enjoyed watching this.....

Anyone else see it?  I love how they captured the excitement of the event, and think it is so cool that they held them all over the world!  Plus, for someone that doesn't spend much money on fashion, it was fun too see the new trends for this Fall/Winter.  I feel so inspired tonight!!!

Sweet Dreams!
<3 Carrie

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

*WA* Tag Book

*just the 2 of us* Tag

*Smile* Tag

I finally made some ever so needed time to scrapbook this past weekend, and it was heavenly.

These are the first few pages in a little Tag Book I started to hold some of my Washington photos from this summer.  The July kits from the Pink Ninja Addicts had the perfect summer themed product, so I felt inspired to finish up these little tags (I had started them like 2 weeks ago).  I even have a layout in my head that I want to work on for next Monday.....hopefully I'm on a roll ; )

And if you haven't seen it yet, here is the cute new kit for September.....

Pink Ninja Addicts *Butterfly* Kit

Happy Pink Ninja Monday!
<3 Carrie

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nap Time

*Nap Time*

We are just taking it easy's nice to have a relaxing day : )

And actually I wanted to tell you that I haven't been avoiding this little blog on purpose.  Taking care of this tiny fella keeps me so busy that I don't have time for much else, so there really isn't a lot to share right now.  I am working on it though, and will have some fun projects for next week. xoxo

See ya tomorrow!
<3 Carrie

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Means.....

Capri Blue Candle


This is a *capri blue* scented candle from anthro that I've had for a while.  It happens to be my favorite scent next to anything with almond.

To me, Fall means that I can have the beautiful scent and flicker of candles burning in my home.

I have decided to start a simple mini book with photos of the little things I enjoy during this lovely season.  It's 4x5 inches.....I kind of wanted it to have a polaroid shape and also use more desaturated colors.....

Fall Means *Candles*


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

*Golden Honeybun*

.....a golden honeybun.  So amazingly delicious!

I took this photo back in July, and boy could I use one of these right now.  I have only ever found them at Lippert's, in Sequim, and it's soft, mildly sweet flavor is a highlight every time I visit.

I think I'm going to make a trip to the french bakery for breakfast in the morning.  Maybe St. Tropez.  I'm hoping it with quench my desire for baked delights right now : )


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

We just picked this little fella up today.  He is a Japanese Shiba Inu puppy......and is too cute for words (like a little fox)!!!  I think we are going to call him *Ponyo*.  We looked it up, and the name Ponyo is a onomatopoeia, based on Miyazaki's idea of what a "soft, squishy softness" sounds like when touched.  Since he is so fluffy and soft and makes the most adorable puppy squeak like noises, we thought it might fit.  I think we'll know for sure in the next couple of days.....what do you think?

You can kinda get a feel for how tiny he is in the photo below compared to my size 6 shoe.....

A Puppy Plays

Gatsby & his new bro

Today is actually my birthday and he is kind of my birthday present (I feel like a really lucky girl right now), but we honestly bought him more as a playmate for Gatsby.  It was time for him to have a little brother : )

He and Gatsby played in the yard, and in the living room.....and then Gatsby wanted to play more, but the little fella was tuckered out and fell asleep.  It's a lot of work being a baby doggie, you see.  And now they are both in bed for the night.  Ryan and I are watching "Clash of the Titans", our bellies full of the mint oreo Cold Stone ice cream cake Ryan surprised me with tonight.  Next, I get to cuddle with my sweetie.  I'm a happy girl.

Happy birthday to all you September beauties!!!
<3 Carrie

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anthro Therapy

Anthro Paint Room

Anthro Paint Brushes

Anthro Ladder

Anthro Books

Earlier last week I visited my local Anthro store, and they were in the middle of this remodel.  I couldn't even imagine what they were trying to do.  When I came back a few days later, this is what I saw.....I would so love for my main living space to look like this....or even my bedroom.  To me if feels very real....happy, tactile, artistic, and maybe even a little rustic.

Every once in a while I will visit this lovely store, and just soak up all the inspiration.  Once I walk through their doors, the possibilities seem endless.  It's just a great creative space.  AND I'm a sucker for their mugs.  At the beginning of the year I started a collection of mugs from Anthro that are green, blue, and white, or any combo of those colors, and I absolutely love them!  One of the reasons I am looking forward to fall (and the cooler weather), is so that I can use my beautiful mugs for spiced cider, chai tea, and hot cocoa.....they make drinks taste better, I think ; )

Anyways, here's to the little things!.....and to making your creative space inspiring to you!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ally Cakes

Rainbow Cake-Mix

Ally Cakes Birthday

Seeing all those lovely colors in separate bowls makes me want to

Anyways, this is the second rainbow cake I have made this summer, and they are just too much fun!!!  Gloria and I baked this one for beautiful Ally's 30th birthday party, and it turned out so yummy!  Can all the colors actually make it taste better?!?!....I think it's possible ; )

Happy 30th Birthday, Ally!
Love you!!!
<3 Carrie