Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Morning from Snowbird!!!...

....Utah, that is.

I am on vacation with Ryan, my Dad, and most of my sisters and brother. We have been having so much fun! Here is a pic of me and my Dad making funny faces...we went on a walk around the Lodge, and were so pumped up from all the beautiful snow, we couldn't control ourselves:

It was snowing when we arrived late yesterday....PERFECT! Today I worked out in their beautiful gym with a gorgeous view of the mountains, went on a couple refreshing walks/hikes, ate yummy food, and relaxed in the hot tub twice!...Once on our balcony hot tub...almost falling asleep (still getting use to the high altitude),...and then this evening, I had the urge after dark, to dip in the public hot tub Dad went with me...we walked down the hall to the entrance leading us outside, and stopped at the was slushing (raining/snowing)! We grabbed a couple towels and ran for it!...Man, that hot tub felt GOOD! I couldn't get a picture since we were in the slush! Definitely an amazing memory I will never forget :)

Now I will leave you with my latest Pink Pineapple Design Team layout:

I used the new Fancy Pants (LOVE IT!), and Making Memories (dye cut eyelet paper). It was a lot of fun using all the different elements: paint, felt, sewing, paper, flowers, chipboard, stickers, ink :)