Monday, March 28, 2011

Project Monday

Wow!  I can't believe March is almost over.  I am still loving time with my family in Washington, and hope that this month has been good to you too : )

For my project this week, I though it would be nice to share a page in my Spring travel art journal.....

*March Flowers* Close

You may have seen THIS post on my personal blog, where I shared a day of art journal making with my little brother and sister.....

My Spring Travel Art Journal
*March Flowers*

And so, I figured it would be perfect to add my photo from our last photo prompt to my little 4x7.5 inch journal.  I ended up not adding the photo in order, but instead, choosing some pages that I though it look best with.  And the flower photo is actually a full page, where I'll add something fun to the back side eventually.  The journaling is taken from my post, and I doodled around it with a dark purple marker.  The purple frame that is on the photo itself is a Hambly sticker, and the alphas are from the Color Me Miki shop.  I really did enjoy this small project and am happy with how colorful and happy it turned out.....which is perfect because I was so excited for the pretty pretty raindrops that day <3

I plan to share more of the pages I've completed in my journal on my personal blog sometime this week.  It's simple, but I think the fact that I am actually adding a photo with journaling everyday has to count for something : )
And now here is Blondie's sweet project.....

...Using her art journal that she created and handbound herself!!!

And here are her thoughts on the process:

I used this wonderful colored paper for these photos because I thought it was just perfect for enhancing nature photos!  The birds and butterflies flying around!  They make me feel happy and joyful :)  Although, Gnome world is especially my favorite!  The way the grass is so green and the plants are so purple its so fairytale like.  And the Pink flower looks like it's so sad that it has not been bought yet!  The Feild of white is like a soft pillow of flowers, and the photo of the catkins from an alder tree reminds me of catapiller in chrysalis.  This whole experience has just been so fun!!! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Have a great week!!!
Love, Carrie and Blondie

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Carrie Shot

*The Carrie Shot*
  • Finlandia Grapefruit
  • X-Rated Vodka
  • Hypnotic
  • Watermelon Pucker
  • Pineapple Juice
At the 7 Cedars Casino the other day I sat down at the bar.  It was the day after St. Patrick's Day and so there was a live band that was playing Irish drinking music, which I was enjoying.  When they played the traditional Irish songs, I could close my eyes and remember how it felt to be there.  Lovely.  Only problem was, not being able to drink beer (I LOVE Guinness), I had no idea what to order.  This sweet bartender who just so happens to be a friend of my sister asked me what I wanted.  My face had a blank expression.  I told her I had no idea, except that a fun shot without Kahula or Bailey's sounded good.  And so she made up this awesome shot and named it after little old me!!!  I took a sip and loved it!  Refreshing, sweet, tart and very crisp.....perfect for Spring : )  The rest of the evening all my friends (except the DD) and the other bartenders ended up trying it.  Honestly it wasn't a hit with everyone, but those who liked it really liked it.....and they all thought it was fun to try something different.  That was a fun night.  I have Joey, my Mom and Waylon to thank for that!

Happy Saturday everyone!!!
<3 Carrie

Friday, March 25, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

*Dew Drops*

Hello!  And welcome to another lovely Friday!!!  For this week's photo prompt I decided to take advantage of Springtime officially being here......SO this weeks prompt is:

Flowers In Bloom

A Lovely Leaf

*She Speaks*

My Mom has these lovely bulbs growing in her front yard.  One afternoon, I was sitting at her dining room table playing with Pumpkin, and it started to rain!  My eyes got big and happy.....Eeek.....My first rainy day in Sequim!!!  I quickly grabbed my camera and dashed outside to get a photo of the lovely raindrops daintily perched atop these bright bulbs.  The photo just above reminds me a little of the original animation of Alice In Wonderland.  It kinda feels like that one flower wants to talk to us, like her mouth is just starting to open and say something sweet.....what do you think?!?

Well, actually I also think that today is super special because my other little sister (we'll call her Blondie) is joining us!  Just wait till you see her photos.....they are absolutely beautiful!!!


Take a look for yourself.....

Window to Spring

To me the photo above is like a window to Springtime!  And the pic below reminds me of a miniature forest in gnome world.....

Gnome Forest

Sweet Pink

Yellow Fellow

Field of White

This week has given me many great days of looking forward to taking my flower photos, and taking time to enjoy nature as the season changes from Winter to Spring.  I also am having the most wonderful time with Carrie.....these specific photos were taken in three different locations.  The Flower and Garden show here in Sequim, my front yard, and down the street from my house while on a lovely stroll with my big sista!  This week while you're out and about you might want to take the time to look at what little signs of Spring are in your life : )

Thanks for stopping by today!
Love, Carrie and Blondie

Me and my little sista!

Today over at Bubblegum Life.....

Jump For Joy!

My sweet baby sister (pictured above), is helping us with this weeks photo prompt.  Please take a look if you get a chance and let her know what you think.....she has been working all week on her photos and they are sooooo beautiful, promise : )  But for now I will leave you with a photo I took earlier in the week of a delicate pale Spring flower.....

Pale Spring Flower

Have a great weekend!!!  And if you get a chance stop by here tomorrow for something kinda fun ; )
<3 Carrie

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Full Moon

Little Sis' Workspace

Back on March 19th I had started the day off with a nice walk with Amber to her work at the Bell Street Bakery.  Shortly after, my Mom picked me up for a day of art journal making with my little brother and sister.....and it pretty much took the whole day to get all three of ours made : )  The photo above is my little sister's beautiful art journal and her clean workspace.  The photo below is my little brother's messy workspace, and I'm not sure where his art journal went to.  I love the name he came up with for his though....."Destination Life".  Pretty cool, huh?!?

Little Bros Workspace

Well, after dinner the kids were dissapointed that we were not going roller skating, so Amber and I decided to take them out for Dairy Queen.  We all liked that idea.  And it ended up being so perfect because we drove to Port Williams to look at the moon while we enjoyed our dessert.  We were all in awe with how beautiful it was.....

A Full Moon

I snapped the above photo while my ice cream was melting (you can click on it to go to my Flickr and see a little larger image).  It was so gorgeous!  I guess it's the closest it's been to earth in 18 years that night.....amazing!!!

After all our ice cream was eaten and we were back at my mother's, the kids, Mom and I decided to play a movie game where we act out scenes from movies and the other team has to guess which movie it is.  We had so much FUN!  I don't think any of us have laughed that much at once in a long time!!!  Probably the best ending to a really great day : )

I hope you all find something special to help you enjoy your day today!
Lots of love, Carrie

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Is heading your least I am sending you some blue sky love right now xoxo : )

Yesterday I woke up early to a lovely blue sky and warm sun.  Amber met me for lunch at our current favorite spot and our walk there from her house was refreshing.  I worked on Pumpkin off and on a bit and picked up my little brother and sister from school around running some errands.  When we arrived at my Mom's house, my little sister decided she wanted to go on a walk, so we both took our cameras and here is some of what I saw.....


Some pretty purple flowers with bells, that I remember loving as a kid.

Pink Flowers & Sky

More blue sky and these lovely pale pink flowers.

Pretty Layers

And that's most of what I took photos of.  Actually, I got a fun photo of my sister too, but you'll have to check back here on Friday to see that one : )  The rest of the evening was spent with my mother enjoying the rare alone time we have together planning a fun pizza night over at her place for tonight!

I hope you day today is lovely.

I miss you love you lots, Ryan, Gatsby, Ponyo!
<3 Carrie

Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Monday

First to share her project today, is our super cool guest, Kelly Purkey!  Just look at the gorgeous layout she made using her photo from our last photo prompt.....

I knew that I wanted to use the photo as a bigger enlargement on the page to really let it be the showcase of the layout.  That left me just a little bit of room to add in some supplies, so I took advantage of the space and added in some pops of color with Studio Calico Mister Huey's Color Mists.  I punched a few butterflies and used them as masks for my misting.  I created the little title block down at the bottom of the layout to add in some more fun elements like label stickers and buttons.  Everything used to create this layout came from my Studio Calico March kits.

And here's my layout.....

*Looking Up* Layout

So, since I'm currently visiting with family in Washington, I decided to make it easy on myself and create a digital layout for my project today.  I have really been enjoying printing out my digital layouts this year and adding them to my 2011 album, and now I can't wait to do the same for this one!

When I set out to create this layout, i knew I wanted it to be soft and kinda sweet looking, so when I found this shade of pink to use for the background I was stoked.  I layered it with a woodgrain texture that Ryan had bought for me years ago, and then created different size scallops with the text "c".  Last I added my text/writing.....and that's pretty much it.  Easy peasy : )

Enjoy your week!
Love, Kelly and Carrie

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pikes Place Market

*Pikes Place Market*

Yesterday, I arrived in Seattle safe and sound.  It was cool and the sun peeked through the clouds off and on throughout the day.  Amber and I made our way to Pikes Place Market first for some lunch.  Hmmmm.....warm chunky tomato soup.....made my tummy really happy.  You can barely make out the ferry crossing behind the public market sign in the pic above.  And here are some of the daphodills that were growing above the covered walkways alongside the entrance to the market place.....

*Daffodils Over our Heads*

After lunch, we drove over to Woodinville to wine country.  Wine tasting was in order since there are 70 different places to do so there ; )  Now, we only went to two of them but honestly almost everything we tasted we liked!  We went to Covey Run Wines and Mark Ryan Winery.  Woodinville is a cute little place.  Amber and I made a couple stops on the drive home to Sequim.  We chatted and laughed, made funny faces and listened to good music.  At my Mom's I had dinner with my family and then she drove me to Amber's where fell asleep tucked under a warm down comforter shorty after.  I was pooped!

I don't know if I'll have any photos to share tomorrow.....I didn't really take any today.  But there is still a little daylight left, so there is that possibility.  But if you're interested, our next photo prompt is up over at Bubblegum Life with special guest, Kelly Purkey.....and I used another photo from yesterday there : )

Have a lovely evening!
<3 Carrie

Your appointment with Friday

Hello Friday!  Thanks for stopping by today : )  Our special guest, Kelly Purkey is sharing a cool new photo prompt, that will really get you thinking!  Here it is, along with her spectacular photo.....

Looking Up

When my friend came to visit, she requested a trip to a museum so I immediately thought of the Guggenheim because I'd never been inside.  I love art museums and admiring the paintings, sculptures, photographs... but I have to say the most incredible sight in the museum is the view looking up.  The sun shines through the window and the circular architecture is just so cool.  I always spend so much time just looking around and it was a perfect reminder to look up.  Sometimes the view is spectacular!

And here is my photo.....

*Looking Up*

Ever since Kelly chose the prompt Looking Up I have been looking up right and left, and just not seeing anything that I really wanted to remember.....until yesterday, when I was jaunting around Seattle with my sister Amber, and saw this beautiful totem!  Perfect!!!  I snapped my photo with a big smile : )  I think they are so cool.  I wonder what story this one tells?  All that lovely weather worn wood, the pale colors and detail in the much character.  When you look up, what do you see or want to remember?

Love, Kelly and Carrie

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playdate with Kelly Purkey

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!  This month we are lucky enough to have the sweet Kelly Purkey as our special guest.  To find out more about her (like to see her brand new Sketchbook 3 Class) you can visit her blog, but to start off here is a fun Q&A:

  • Where are some of your favorite places to photograph from your travels?  It may sound boring, but I love taking photos on the beach.  The blue water with the blue skies just makes me happy.  Looking back at those photos always makes me smile and remember how peaceful and perfect those trips were.
  • What random stuff is inspiring you this Spring?  This Spring I've really been inspired by new fabric!  I recently made a trip to Purl in Soho and picked up some beautiful new Liberty of London fabric that's begging to be used.
  • What would your dream meal be on a lovely afternoon this Spring?  Eating in the park is one of my favorite things to do when it starts to warm up.  My dream meal would be tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches from 'Wtichcraft in Bryant Park. Eaten with my friends Jennifer McGuire and Nichol Magouirk, of course.
  • What is one of your favorite scrapbook products right now?  My favorite product right now is my White Mister Huey's Color Mist from Studio Calico.  It is the only opaque white mist out there and so fun to use on every project.
  • Do you have a favorite snack/drink combo for while you're scrapbooking?  I am constantly snacking when I scrap... I love candy (and it keeps me on a sugar high for those late nights) and right now I've got Starburst jelly beans.
See ya tomorrow to share her fun new photo prompt : )
Love, Carrie and Kelly

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Wow!  Did this week fly by fast or what?!?  I have happily been busy preparing for my visit to Washington next week, where I get to spend a whole three weeks with my family : )  And guess what?  Today I am super excited because my sister Amber is joining us for this weeks photo prompt!!!  Here it is along with her adorable photos all the way from the Evergreen State.....

4 Days In a Row

picture one is monday-beginning of the week which means i wanna be wearing comfy shoes.  vans are tuesday when i went to volunteer at the library.  wednesday are my earth brand shoes which i got at goodwill for 7 bucks and they're 150 dolla shoes!  yeah!  wore em to the bakery.  the bogs are thursdays shoes for cleaning ponds to keep my feet nice and dry!

What a cute little peek into her world, huh?!?  Here are my photos from earlier this week.....

*Day 1* Monday

I couldn't decide on just one thing to photograph for 4 days in a row, so I ended up doing a self portrait, taking a pic of what was covering my legs, and photographing the same patch of flowers.

Day 1 it was cloudy, cool and overcast.  I wore my warm beannie and tights with a dress.  (A little known fact about me is that when it rains here in San Diego you will almost always find me in a dress.  Just for fun.)  And you can see that some of the flowers were either partially or mostly closed.

Day 2 was warm, so I sported one of my favorite tee shirts and some comfy jeans.  The flowers were all open soaking up the sun.

*Day 2* Tuesday

Day 3 another typical sunny day, and I decided to wear a bow in my hair.  As you can see I have my same boots on.....they're new and so I've been trying to find cute outfits to wear with them.  The moss below my feet got a little thicker, and some of the flowers started to loose their petals along with new ones that began to blossom.

*Day 3* Wednesday

Day 4 was hot, so I took shelter in the shade of a tree for my self portrait.  I wore a lacy dress and some textured tights.  The moss was thicker and more yellow, and the flowers looked pretty much the same to me as the day before, so I kinda shot through them so I could get a better feel of all the layers.

*Day 4* Thursday

Remembering my 4 days like this is really special.  It's different than chronicling your days.  It's seeing how one thing changes over time or from day to day.  What adds variety to your days?

Love, Carrie and Amber

Monday, March 7, 2011

Project Monday

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a nice weekend, and if you decided to play with your camera, enjoyed our last prompt : )

For my project this week, I created a 6x12 layout.....

*Nely's Silhouette*

The paper details I cut out are from an old stash of some of my favorite papers, and the background paper is newer Sassafras Lass.....I just love their Paper Crush line!  I layered a piece of 35 mm film and some trim behind the photo, added brown paint splatter, some journaling with my typewriter, sewing with hot pink thread, a small white doily, Prima flowers.....And to tie it all together, the purple and white baker's twine is from the lovely Color Me Miki's shop.

*Nely's Silhouette* Collage

I knew I wanted my layout to be colorful and bring out all the different hues in my photo.  And that's how I remember that moment being.....when I took Nely's photo.....filled with lots of happy color!  Maybe it's one of the reason's scrapbooking is so therapeutic to me.  You can take a cold winter evening, add scrapbook product to a photo, and presto!  A colorful, happy memory!!!

If you have the winter blues, try creating something colorful today.....I bet it will help : )

And here's Nely's artsy layout (using the Pink Ninja Addicts March Kit).....

For this layout I wanted something fun to capture the "jump",  I started with a basic square layout and just added the butterflies to give the feel of motion.  Makes me happy!!  Have a happy Monday!!"

Love, Carrie & Nely

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Best Mocha

*the best mocha*

This yummy indulgance is just one of the highlights of my week.  It may sound silly, but I can honestly say that the mochas made at Cafe Zucchero are the best in all of San Diego to me.  I had met with sweet Jane at this lovely cafe in Little Italy to go over some blog design stuff I'd recently done for her.  It was overcast and dreary.  Kinda felt like it could rain.  I was excited because I just had my hair cut and styled a few blocks away.  We ordered our espresso, and sat at a table outside on their patio.....I took a sip of my mocha and I don't even know how to describe how much it made my senses sparkle.  Jane and I had pleasant conversation, enjoying our drinks and this place.  By the time we were done, the clouds were completely gone and the sky was blue.  What a change.  I took off the sweater I had been wearing and walked the block to my truck.  The sun was warm on my face, and my cheeks were flushed from what little caffeine was in my decaf mocha. The rest of my day was nice, and I was out running errands till late.  So it felt great to get a lot done away from home that day.  My week has been filled with things that leave me feeling blessed and looking forward to the future.  So right now I'm thinking about the possibilities of this weekend.....<3 Carrie

Your appointment with Friday

Hello lovely photographer's!  Nely was sweet enough to join us for another photo prompt this week, and boy do we have a intriguing one for you today!!!  They are all over the scrapbook world right now, and I'm sure an inspiration for a lot of us all the way back to their vintage roots.....the prompt for today is:


Nely's Suliette

O.K.  So, I know I kinda cheated because only parts of Nely's pretty profile is in silhouette.  But honestly out of all the photos I took for this photo prompt, this one made me genuinely smile!  I love how the focus of the lens makes it where she was at that exact moment was truly beautiful.  At least that's what I see.....the wind in her hair, the sunset in her face, that sparkle in her eye : )  And now I have all these ideas in my head of different ways I want to take some full silhouette photos!  Who knows, I might even get to take some of them this weekend......and if I do I'll add them to our Flickr group for you to see of course <3

And can you even believe how awesome Nely's photo is!!!.....

This past Sunday I had a super fun photo shoot with miss Carrie!!  She took photos of me all day!  As the sun was coming down we decided to capture our silhouette pictures.  I love that I was able to capture this picture of Carrie in movement!  The sun was was setting and the lighting was just perfect!!  I will definitely be taking more of these!!

Love, Carrie and Nely

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project Monday

Thanks for stopping by to see our projects today!  I loved the photos from our last photo prompt so much, that I decided to use some of my favorite scrapbooks papers to create a 12x12 layout.....

Ryan & Ponyo *LOVE*

When I went to make my layout, I really liked how clean the lines looked before I adhered everything together so this ended up being the first layout I've done without sewing in I don't know how long : )  To take advantage of this I mounted my photo onto chipboard so they would have a little bit of lift.  And to add even more depth, there are pop-up foamies under the heart border on the right and also the square love journaler.....

Ryan & Ponyo *LOVE* (details left)

Ryan & Ponyo *LOVE* (details right)

.....So pretty much this layout is most of the items below all layered together in the center of my paper.  And here are all the individual pieces I used (the Hambly Overlay and Prima Pearls are from the lovely Color Me Miki shop).....

Ryan & Ponyo *LOVE* (pieces)

This layout ended up being so special to me, that it is now displayed in my living room safely encased (and protected from the doggies) in a black 12x12 photo box : )

I hope you get a chance to make something you love sometime soon <3

And here's Nely's project using the current Pink Ninja Addicts monthly kit named Redemption Song.....

happy project monday!!, when making a layout for this picture, I knew I wanted neutral colors with a pop of color!  All the perfect papers and trims were in the march kit *redemption song* from Pink Ninja Addicts!  I love how the turquoise paper "pops" in the background, and it has a hint a brown to blend in with the background.  It came out simple, but perfect for me!!  hope you have a happy creative day!!

See you tomorrow for a fun new photo prompt!

Love, Carrie and Nely