Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{dec 16th} christmas countdown mini

{dec 16} christmas countdown mini | spread 1

Super simple but dramatic spread for Day 16. I was talking to Amanda yesterday and she mentioned that it was helpful to her to see how I had been adding in my horizontal photos into this vertical oriented book. So, I decided to go big with today's pic as another example of something fun!  The date was added with my date roller stamp, and a bow attached to help merge it into the photo. Also, the weather has been cool and very clear here in Seattle, so the sunsets are lovely.  So happy I was able to capture this. XO

{dec 16} christmas countdown mini | date {dec 16} christmas countdown mini | sunset pic

{dec 15th} christmas countdown mini

{dec 15} christmas countdown mini | spread 1

December 15th was a simple day spent mostly at home with Ryan, except for a little errand running.  I bought a cappuccino to keep me warm while we were out : )
 {dec 15} christmas countdown mini | espresso pic {dec 15} christmas countdown mini | frosty 
 Another wood veneer speech bubble was used, but this time layered inside my espresso cup lid. I also layered some of the Crate Paper clear frames on each page to add in the red perimeter stripe.  Since I wanted to add in more than just journaling, I created a flap by creasing a 1/2 inch from a strip of paper to layer over the journal card.  Then I attached only the creased strip with my tape runner.
{dec 15} christmas countdown mini | flap {dec 15} christmas countdown mini | layers 
 On top of the flap is a piece I cut from my cappuccino cup, the crate paper clear frame (attached with my stapler), a chalkboard index tab, and a photo of myself. I was mixing patterns and colors this day that I liked, and want to remember the combo.
 {dec 15} christmas countdown mini | espresso cup {dec 15} christmas countdown mini | journaling {dec 15} christmas countdown mini | mixing patterns pic 
 My book is getting nice and chunky, and I already enjoy looking through it. Next up, my last post of the day Dec. 16th. XO
 {dec 15} christmas countdown mini | side view

{dec 14th} christmas countdown mini

{dec 14} christmas countdown mini | spread 1

Today I made time to work on more of my Christmas Countdown Mini pages, and had so much fun....I just love this project!  For December 14th, I lined the envelope on this first spread with a paper strip at the flap.  The idea came from Brittany, and THIS post : )
 {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | envelope {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | inside

Inside the envelope is one of the journaling cards from the kit. I added the wood veneer and a red rain dot to make the reindeer more interactive, and journaling from my typewriter on the backside.  There are also a few photos tucked away for safe keeping. Love that I get to mix up how I add extra photos for each day. The photo below has a little layering on it as well.
 {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | journaling {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | pic 1 {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | house {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | pic 2 {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | spread 2

For the second spread I added a printed poster from our movie date, and was SO excited I got a chance to use the mint frame handmade by Brittany expecially for this kit! Paper was layered under the frame with sticker letters and one red rain dot for the i. Also, I'm really happy with how the die-cut looks layered with the photo and embellishments on the next page.
 {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | frame {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | die-cut {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | spread 3

For the last spread, I found matching paper from the opposite page and layered it with my photo. Then I added the star die-cut with my ticket stub, and some of the wood veneer stars and a paper clip. It was such a fun date night, and we LOVED the movie!  Day 15 up next.  XO
 {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | date pic {dec 14} christmas countdown mini | ticket

Saturday, December 14, 2013

{dec 13th} christmas countdown mini

{dec 13th} christmas countdown mini | spread
Today I wanted to document some holiday cheer and how I've been enjoying my December days in a different way than ever before.   I don't have any photos for today's spread, but instead wrote a letter addressed Dear Christmastime inside this year's Christmas card.  On the opposite page I cut up and attached a doily, a circle punched out of patterned paper, a Santa sequin, and glitter index tab to a piece of pink vellum.....just because it's festive and fun!
{dec 13th} christmas countdown mini | santa {dec 13th} christmas countdown mini | doily {dec 13th} christmas countdown mini | card
In my journaling I wrote about how Ryan's fighting off the cold I gave him (accidentally, of course), but that we are both still really enjoying Christmastime together and named off some of the things we've been enjoying specifically.  I also mentioned a few happenings that are new and unique to this time of year for us, like Gatsby (our basenji) practically living in his waterproof jacket....and that we will still will find him laying in front of whatever heater that is currently blowing.  Silliness. XO
{dec 13th} christmas countdown mini | journaling

Friday, December 13, 2013

{dec 12th} christmas countdown mini

{dec 12th} christmas countdown mini | page 1
December 12th was all about my love for Charlie Brown and puppy snuggles!  Above is both December 11th's last page (on the left), and the beginning of December 12th (on the right).
{dec 12th} christmas countdown mini | happiness
I printed the above photo onto vellum and just love the layered see-through whimsical look.  However, I do think that it would be easier to actually see the vellum photo in the album if it is layered with a light paper instead of a dark.....but since that wasn't an easy fix I decided to roll with it and am totally satisfied with the result : )
{dec 12th} christmas countdown mini | vellum {dec 12th} christmas countdown mini | page 2
Keeping the pocket page with the tags super simple was key to not overwhelming all the see-through layers.  Journaling was added with my typewriter to a white tag, along with the white and gold bakers twine and a wood veneer star.
{dec 12th} christmas countdown mini | journaling
The quote on the vellum photo came from the movie below.....one of my favorite Christmas movies, I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown.
{dec 12th} christmas countdown mini | charlie brown {dec 12th} christmas countdown mini | puppy snuggles
And lastly, I added a black and white photo to the third tag.  My puppy Ponyo is cute and quirky, and sheds like crazy.....but it is soooo worth it because he is the softest thing I've ever cuddled with, and bonus, he loves snuggle time. XO
{dec 12th} christmas countdown mini | photo tag

{dec 11th} christmas countdown mini

{dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | page 1
While I catch up with the days in my mini from while I was away from home, I've decided to start posting the pages I've completed that are up to date....so here's December 11th.  It was all about how excited I was to wake up and find my orchid blooming for the second time this year!
{dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | orchid close
I added journaling to the label stickers from the Christmas Countdown Kit, and embellished with sequin snowflakes in different colors that compliment the orchid photo from the opposite page, layered with wood veneer and rhinestones.
{dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | journaling
I added in extra photos by using the gold washi to tape two pieces of white cardstock together like a little book attached to the page (I also did this on my Dec. 1st spread).
{dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | photo overlay
A roller date stamp and black ink was used for adding in the date.
{dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | date {dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | window sill {dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | folding page
And the last page holds a wood veneer frame from Michaels with a cute red bow attached.  The opposite side is the start of December 12th.
{dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | page 2 {dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | orchid full {dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | frame
I really wanted to make sure to document this simple act of nature because it's my first orchid that's ever bloomed more than once.....plus the fact that it traveled with me all the way from San Diego and I have been able to keep it alive is very special to me : )
Stay tuned for December 12th's post coming up next.
P.S. The pink snowflake design in the background of the photo below is one of the digital elements you received if you purchased a Christmas Countdown Kit. XO
{dec 11th} christmas countdown mini | december blume

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{fashion} modcloth | staple of your style dress

ModCloth | Staple of Your Style Dress

Hello everyone! I'm finally back home from my Christmas Crafts Class over the weekend....and really trying to get caught up with my Christmas Countdown Mini.  However, I am easily distracted and so to mix up my computer time decided to play along with this week's ModCloth Polyvore challenge. 
Above is my collage using their awesome Staple of Your Style Dress, and am absolutely IN LOVE with everything I added! I think this would be the perfect Christmas outfit if you wanted something super fun and cute!!!  And I love that it is so meeeeeee : )
What's your favorite piece?  I can't decide...haha! XO