Sunday, October 30, 2011

{halloween} cards

*card supplies*
Since tomorrow's Halloween, I thought it would be fun to share some Halloween cards with you today!!! I designed them for a private class I taught last week.....

{halloween} cards

We had a lovely afternoon assembling multiples of these cards totaling up to about 20, I think.  I don't have pics of it, but inside each of the cards has a little Halloween flare too!  The product came from the sweet lady who commissioned me to design and teach the class.....and it was so much fun going to her bins of Halloween goodies to find these little treasures.  Now I am jonesing to make my Christmas cards even more : )  Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!!!  <3 Carrie

Saturday, October 29, 2011

murdock beach

*murdock beach* {1}
Tonight I took some time to edit photos from a wonderful day trip with my Dad this past Spring. I was visiting my family in Washington, and our trip to Murdock Beach is one of my favorite memories!

*murdock beach* {2}
There's no sign or even street name for the turn off to this beach, so finding it was a little tricky.....but we did it! And once parked, we walked over the cutest bridge and through a forest filled with bare trees covered in moss.  The ground was covered in leaves, moss and all sorts of greenery, and as we walked towards where the trees opened up to the ocean, the sun streamed through some of the trees casting the coolest glow.....

*murdock beach* {5} *murdock beach* {3} *murdock beach* {4}
The weather was perfect. Overcast, then sunny, then a bit of sprinkling just before we left.   Here's the view from the forest looking across the can see Canada in the distance since the sun had come out for this shot.....

*murdock beach* {7} *murdock beach* {6}
Once we reached the rocky beach my Dad and I walked along the water looking for fossils. This beach supposedly has more fossils than any other in this area. We ended up seeing quite a few of them withough really realizing it (hense no specific photo of them).....they looked like a rock inside a rock to us, LOL!

*murdock beach* {8} *murdock beach* {9}
My bootprint in the sand.....

*murdock beach* {10}
My my Dad took this photo of me. We had so much fun!!! I love this place!  <3 Carrie

*murdock beach* {11} *murdock beach* {12} *murdock beach* {13}

Friday, October 28, 2011



Today has been a day for reflection. I woke up a little early. Did the first bit of Tai Chi in a while (which I have to admit, made me feel better later rather than sooner....I was a bit shaky). Practising Tai Chi helps me feel balanced.  Both physically and emotionally.....which is desperately needed right now because I miss my family so much lately it hurts.....and feeling like this throws everything off. So today I decided was going to be different. Not necessarily better, but a day for positive change.

*out on the lawn*

I'm waiting for the shakiness to wear off before I start my Friday cleaning routine and in the mean time chose to make my heart smile a bit, so I'm editing photos from this past Spring that make me happy : )

*making invitations*

These paint splatter pics are from a sunny Springtime afternoon, and the first step in the process of designing THESE invitations.  The little girl the invites were for, had picked out the paint colors and helped with the splatter out on her front lawn.....

*the colors she picked*

And now here I am typing up this blog post, and daydreaming about plans, and goals for the rest of this year leading into next with my partner in crime, my Ryan.  In the past couple years my personal goals and plans have always been a let down because of my health getting in the way.  Today, my head is spinning from new hopes and dreams and things seem clear.  It feels like I've learned a lot about what I'm capable of right now, and I hope to only become stronger with who I've become.  So, for now I little therapeutic photo editing.....and in a bit I'll write out my new goals, clean the house, and make some homemade limeade from limes given to me by a dear friend.  Enjoy your weekend!  <3 Carrie

Your Appointment with Friday

Happy almost Halloween to you! For this week's photo prompt I decided that it was finally time for.....
It's Tradition

*our little pumpkin**goofy doggie*

Gloria and I enjoyed this photo prompt around the same time last year, and I thought it would be nice excuse to share another Fall tradition this October too!  In general I am not a traditional kind of girl, but there's something about Autumn that draws me towards loving some of the same activities.  Last year I shared my chrysanthemum planting tradition.  This year I am sharing the annual *Ponyo with pumpkins photo*!!!  You can see last year's photo HERE (and little Ponyo was only 13 weeks in that sweet!).  Do you have any traditions during the Fall?

Love, Carrie

Friday, October 21, 2011

Your Appointment with Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  This weeks photo prompt is to.....

Take a photo with a pumpkin

*take a photo with a pumpkin**pumpkins!**our choices**pumpkin patch*

For this prompt you can use your tripod, have someone else take the photo, or whatever else you think sounds the photo I took of Ryan and my feet with our pumpkin choices in between : ) 

Ryan was sweet enough to happily take these photos of me while we were at the pumpkin patch by our house a couple evenings ago.  And he even let me take a couple pics of him with the green pumpkin (which I'll share on my Blume and Grow blog in a few days).  The ambiance was pretty cool since it was starting to get dark in this place filled with all these bright orange pumpkins, hanging lights, and the typical kiddie rides.

Enjoy your pumpkin time this week!
Love, Carrie

Thursday, October 20, 2011

{30 day mini} days 13,14,15

{30 day mini} day 13 {30 day mini} day 14 {30 day mini} day 15 | overlay {30 day mini} day 15 {30 day mini} day 14 | overlay

I am so happy that I'm finally half way through this mini!.....which is perfect because I'm starting to get excited about making the minibook for my Week In The Life!!!  Yes, right now I am a minibook making machine!  I rarely take the time to make things for myself, so all these lovely Fall projects have been a real joy : )  For today's 13, from a distance, I used a photo I took of me and my truck (taken with a timer and tripod).  Flowers, was day 12 which was actually perfect because I had just received these African violets from sweet Nely!  And my shoes was day 13, hence the photo of my brown boots. On this page, I was thrilled for a chance to finally use the airmail journal sheet I had created.  More soon.  <3 Carrie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{week in the life} monday


Welcome to day one of my *week in the life*.  Here's a little bit about my Monday in photos, in no particular order.

I checked Twitter and Bloglovin on my phone while laying in bed.  Watered the plants.

*watering the plants*

Relaxed while drinking the most delicious maple tea with caramel creamer, and enjoyed the company of my curious little puppy who wants to be a part of everything I do.

*he's curious* *self portrait | maple tea*

It stayed foggy on the coast all day.  It was beautiful and I LOVED it!

*fog all day*

A patch of sun streamed trough a little further inland while I was at Home Depot hunting for mums.

*home depot*

I also left with a little Spanish moss, and a few more mums than I originally planned.  There were so many lovely colors, I had a hard time choosing.

*shopping cart*

Home and ready for potting.

*ready to plant*

Made tacos for dinner, and stopped at this farmers market for the best salsa.

*salsa from the best market*

Went grocery shopping in the evening.

*grocery shopping*

And that's pretty much my Monday!  Tomorrow I have to remember to get a couple pics of Ryan, and I want to use my Instax too!!!  See ya.  <3 Carrie

{30 day mini} days 10,11,12

{30 day mini} day 10 {30 day mini} day 10 | pocket {30 day mini} day 11 {30 day mini} day 12 | overlay {30 day mini} day 12 {30 day mini} day 11 | overlay

I've been working away at trying to get this minibook finished today I thought I'd share a few more pages. Day 10 was something I made, so there's a photo of some ice tea with an extra pic tucked away in it's pocket. I ended up scrapbooking with Ally*cakes for something fun on day 11. Day 12, close up, has a photo of Ponyo's sweet puppy whiskers. He is such a cutie pie.....and now I'm a little more than a 1/3 of the way done!  Yay!  More to come.... <3 Carrie

Sunday, October 16, 2011

{30 day mini} days 7,8,9

{30 day mini} day 7 {30 day mini} day 8 {30 day mini} day 8 | pocket {30 day mini} day 9 | overlay {30 day mini} day 9 {30 day mini} day 8 | overlay {30 day mini} day 9 | pocket

So here are pages 7,8, and 9 in my 30 day photo challenge minibook. Day 7, something new, was a photo of my laptop *maple*. Technology was day 8, when San Diego lost power, plus a photo of my camera Clem. And Day 9 was faceless self portrait, with a few extra shots tucked away in the journaling pocket.  I love the mixture of yellow, orange, pink and brown in this spread.....some of my favorite Fall colors right now!  And speaking of Fall, tomorrow I'm starting my Week In The Life!  Ali Edwards did her week this past summer, but I decided to wait till check back daily for my photos (either starting Monday night or Tuesday morning ; )  <3 Carrie