Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

Some of my favorite things...

First of all, I have my Dad's smile.  You can see it in the photo on the top of the collage.  I love that.

Second, I absolutely fell in love with these adorable goodies I found at my local Borders.  The product line is called "Happy Noodle", by Paperchase.  I can't wait to try out the noodle bowl (on the top photo)!!!  I will be using it to hold my Lucky Charms this morning ;)  The plastic folder currently helps keep my receipts organized.....isn't it great when practical and cute meet!

Lastly, I had to add to this collage the middle photo of the Pocky.  I can't help it, they are SO yummy, and it reminds me of high school, when I first discovered them.....the chocolate are delicious, but the strawberry cream are my favorite!  Ummm....soooo gooood!!!

Have a delicious day!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

Pink Ninja Addicts Gloria Mustache Collage

Isn't Gloria just the CUTEST!!!!  She took the acrylic wings from the Pink Ninja Addicts *Carousel* kit, painted one side black, and wah instant mustache!  I can't wait to scrapbook with this photo collage!!!

And here is a sweet butterfly garland I also made with the *Carousel* kit (it will be for sale on my Etsy shop soon).....the photo makes the paper look purple, but it's actually a light pink.  To me these garlands are so whimsical and pretty.....

Pink Ninja Addicts Butterfly Garland Close

Pink Ninja Addicts Butterfly Garland

Remember the name badge I made for Ally HERE?  Well, this is the one I made for Nely.....just for fun, so we would all have one!

Pink Ninja Addicts She Can Fly Name Badge

Pink Ninja Addicts She Can Fly Name Badge Close

Yesterday us Pink Ninja Addict girls had an excellent night of crafting, and we made lots of good stuff.....You are going to LOVE their new kit (to put it simply, it is perfect)!  You'll see it all soon :)

This week is going to be crazy busy for me, but I have a really fun post planned for my "Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter", so I am excited!  Until then have a great week!!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

At 3pm on cool winter afternoon...

Creators' Circle 3pm Layout

Creators' Circle 3pm Layout Collage

.....I was walking with my little sister on the beach, in Sequim, Washington.  We had just bought new sunglasses, and wanted to have a fun photoshoot with lots of bright colors!  It was a good day.

This was my layout for our Creators' Circle meeting the beginning of March.  Lovely Jane provided the kit, and also a fun challenge with it (will have more info on her challenge soon).  There are pictures of our make and take for March, and everyone's layouts from February on our blog HERE.  Man, it was crazy, in February, most of the girls did three or more layouts each!  I love these girls!!!

For this layout, I added some white spray paint at the top, and blended it toward the bottom.  To me it feels like it helps the photos pop.  I also used a little red ink splatter, a white doilie behind the large photo, distressed the black rose to make it red, and sewed a bit.  In general, I usually only use one photo per layout......for some reason I like it better.  But for this layout, there were so many fun photos to choose from I had to use a bunch :)

Today I am helping a friend with some Easter cards, and this weekend I am looking forward to preparing my projects for our next Creators' Circle meeting in April.  We all added handmade items to the kit, so there are so many beautiful pieces I feel very inspired. I am also really excited, because we drew names, and get to swap Easter baskets!  I just mostly finished the one I'm giving, and I LOVE it!!!  (Will share pics after I give it away.)  It's vintage inspired spring, so like a dusty peachy rose matched with bright'll see.

Have fun creating!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

Pepper Turkey Sandwich

Pepper Turkey Sandwich Recipe

This is my favorite sandwich right now.....all the flavors together are so delicious!  The past few sunny afternoons have been filled with company from a good friend, a vase of bright yellow daffodils, and a cherry coke zero......which makes this sandwich the perfect treat!!!

Normally I don't add alfalfa sprouts to my sandwiches, but it is a must for this one.  It makes the sandwich just right.  I also recommend using yellow tomato instead of the traditional red.  It's a little sweeter, and less acidic.  This yummy sandwich filled my tummy with goodness for dinner on Sunday, lunch on Monday and Tuesday, and sadly I am now out of groceries.  Makes me happy just to see the photo, though.  If you decided to try it, let me know what you think :)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

Pink Ninja Addicts Summer Sunset Layout

Pink Ninja Addicts Summer Sunset Layout Collage

I have a really great memory of this warm summer evening....the sunset was beautiful, and i was in my Mother's driveway in WA state, very happy and content....everything had this golden glow, so the colors in the Pink Ninja Addicts "Wind It Up" Add-on kit was perfect!  All the other product to make this 6x12 layout is from the "Carousel" kit (which is almost sold out!).

As a little added effect to this layout, I used white spray paint, and the large and small doilies as masks.  You can kind of see the large doilie shape in the lower left side of the page, and the small one in the upper right side.  It looks kinda cool in person....nice added texture :)

Also, I am VERY excited to tell you that I have a special treat for you in April!!!  I am creating a handmade giveaway for the Pink Ninja Addicts using this is a sneak peek of "Accidently Kelly Street":

Have a great week!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter

I am very excited to introduce you to a new addition to my little blog, "Wednesday ~ Heart Flutter"!!!  

The other day I was thinking about how much I love to create and post some of my handmade goodies here, but that there is more I would love to share about the life I enjoy living.  I really love the little things.  When I have a really delicious sandwich, for example, I am happy and thinking about it all day!  And it seems like I am constantly finding a new drink or song to brighten my day.  So, I hope this will be a small space to keep some of my ever changing "obsessions" documented, and share them with you.

In honor of my first post being on St. Patrick's Day, my current ~Heart Flutter~ is for Guinness.  Not just because I am drinking one as I am typing this, but because it has been the longest obsession I think I have ever had.

My heart flutters when I think of the dark rich flavor.  I love that I can drink it icy cold or room temperature, and it is still just as yummy.  I love that after I finish a pint, it feels like a meal.  My heart flutters when I think about how I watch it settle after just being poured, and I will get to taste it's yummy goodness very soon.....and it is worth the wait ;)

That being said I am not an alcoholic, I just really LOVE beer.  So, I have some photos to share from a trip to Dublin, Ireland for Christmas 2008 (I look a little different.....with short red hair).  More specifically, pics from our tour of the Guinness Storehouse.  (Oh man, I'm having a flashback.....the BEST stew I've ever had was at their restaurant!!!)  We were all in heaven.....

Dublin, Ireland Street

Me At The Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse Collage

Guinness Storehouse View

Me & Guinness Love

Guinness Poster Collage

Guinness Turtle Poster

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

Pink Ninja Addicts Love Notes Collage

Pink Ninja Addicts Love Notes

I don't use paper much any more.  When I write notes, lists, etc...I usually put them in the notepad on my phone (I LOVE technology).  However, there is the rare occasion when I prefer to write things down on paper.  Pretty much anything that has to do with art, or something I am creating, or an idea I have, it feels more tactile or real if I write it on paper.  So, I have one of these mini composition books in my purse.  Just for me.  For that instance when I am out and about, and I find a revelation, or an idea of an idea ;)

When I saw the goodies in the Pink Ninja Addicts *Carousel* kit, I couldn't help myself.  The sweet color was calling my name, and so I covered these little books with their goodness.

The brown eyed angel that is modeling in the photo above, picked HER favorite book.  She said, "You made this for me???"  The truth is, I had not made it for her, but she thought that because she "loved" it so much that I should have.  Well, her beautiful mom ended up buying it (I was in a booth trying to sell some of my handmade creations), and now it is now at home with her, holding the sweetest little love notes.  Perfect.  I love a happy ending.

Honestly, I think my happy ending for this afternoon is going to be a big cup of tea!!!

Big hug,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My beautiful friends.....

Creators' Circle March Make & Take Collage

Creators' Circle March Make & Take Melanie

Creators' Circle March Make & Take Jane

Creators' Circle March Make & Take April

We missed Bonnie (she was a bit under the weather), but still enjoyed a morning of making these fun additions to our art journals!  They are all so different, and perfect!!!  I provided most of the supplies, and the girls went to town.....they embellished the fabric envelopes, made the banners for their song titles, and typed/wrote the lyrics to their songs.  I love them all!

See you tomorrow for Pink Ninja Mondays!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Creators' Circle March Make & Take Collage

Creators' Circle March Make & Take

I had been talking to my friend, April about a page like this for our Creators' Circle art journals, and finally had a chance to put one together (she helped me come up with the idea).  

For our March make and take, I sewed some pretty fabric envelopes in three different fabrics.  We attached the envelopes to a page in our art journals with ribbon, and decorated the outside with something to tuck the flap of the envelope under.  Then, we typed lyrics to our current favorite song on a piece of paper.  The idea is that your favorite song changes throughout the year, and when you look at this page, you remember that time in your life.  

For the titles of our songs, we made little banners that were sewn onto our lyric sheet.  Everyone made something different, and they turned out really great!!!  I will share the other girls finished envelopes on my next are going to love them!

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Birthday Garland

Melanie B-Day Garland

My dear and beautiful friend, Melanie, had a birthday the other day.  I asked her if there was anything special she was wanting, and she mentioned this.....a bright paper garland.  The garland is almost 10 feet long, and was tons of fun to make.  I think she likes it because she put it up in her kitchen already,.....and sent me a picture from her phone.  It looks so whimsical hanging in her home. <3

It feels so nice, giving something handmade with lots of love to a sweet friend.  I also sewed together the mini spring butterfly garland, as a little surprise....I thought she could add it to a layout or small project.  Melanie makes such beautiful things, I know she will do something amazing with it.

To wrap her presents all together, I used another pillow box I had recently purchased from the lovely Debee Campos.  And to top it all off, I made the little tag and butterfly embellishment, so it would all match.

Happy Birthday to all you March babies!

I am sending you lots of love :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

*Ally* Name Badge

*ally* name badge

I have been loving the newest Pink Ninja Addicts *Carousel* kit!!!  (Yes, still in love with paper.....who knew???)

And I have been so happy with this little name badge project.....I made one for both Ally and Nely.  (Nely's badge is a little different. I will show it here soon, or you can see it on the Pink Ninja Addicts Blog now).  The *Carousel* kit comes with a set of 4 acrylic wings, so I plan on making 4 total (one for me & Gloria too).  Fun with purpose.....perfect.

I used product mostly from the *Carousel* kit, but also the glitter paper from the *Wind It Up* add-on kit:



Today I have an idea for a layout that I want to involves doilies.....and, I already have the perfect picture printed out from a great memory of a warm summer night in WA :-)

So, I'm off to create.

Happy Pink Ninja Monday!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beautiful Alice

Alice Dress

Mad Hatter

Alice Armor

Saw this movie today.....Alice's dresses were amazing.....there were beautiful mushrooms everywhere.....Johnny Depp was perfect.....Alice's armor was SO cool.....the actress who played Alice was fantastic.....I could go on and on.....Thank you Tim Burton :-)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fabric Banners

Creators' Circle Supplies

For our Creators' Circle March meeting, everyone in our group brought a homemade item for the kits!  I used the supplies above to make some fun fabric banners.....and also gave everyone a pack of light pink thickers.  My friend, April, was kind enough to provided the paper to for us to match with:

Creators' Circle Fabric Banners Collage

I can't wait till next month when I get to share what I make with all the girls goodies!  Let's see....what should it be?  There are so many beautiful pieces of art, and each one reminds me of the lovely friend that gave it to me :)


Monday, March 1, 2010

*Rainy Days* Layout

Pink Ninja Addics Rainy Days Layout

Pink Ninja Addicts Rainy Days Layout Details

Today is March 1st, so the Pink Ninja Addicts *Carousel* kit is now for sale HERE!!!

I just love all the soft colors!

The evening I created this layout, everything was delicious.....all the beautiful product, scrapbook supplies, beer, pizza, salad, chocolate, chips, cheesecake, music.....I was with my fellow pink ninja addicts (miss you, Gloria).  Perfect.  It is a more simple layout for me, but I am really happy with the way it turned out.  It came from a good place.

Here we are (Me & Nely).....

Pink Ninja Addicts Carrie & Nely

And here is the amazing *Carousel* kit.....

Happy almost Spring (only 19 days to go)!