Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy today...

...with fun stuff.

I was lucky enough to get my daily exercise for today by walking around the San Diego Zoo, with my sister in-law and her three kidos...we laughed, and ate popcorn, and saw lots of beautiful are a few pics:

Now, I am preparing for the Pink Pineapple Garage Sale. It is on Saturday, April 4th, from 8am-2pm...and there will be lots of yummy goodies:


  1. I went to drop off some goodies for the garage sale, and boy there was a ton of GREAT stuff! Can't wait for Saturday!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I loooove your layouts.

  3. Hey! THanks for your comment on my blog. . .I feel so honored you being a Sass Lass super star and all! *Blush* ;-) Wish I lived much closer. . .I have a sweet spot for garage sales and with scrap goods I will have died and gone to heaven!