Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Morning from Snowbird!!!...

....Utah, that is.

I am on vacation with Ryan, my Dad, and most of my sisters and brother. We have been having so much fun! Here is a pic of me and my Dad making funny faces...we went on a walk around the Lodge, and were so pumped up from all the beautiful snow, we couldn't control ourselves:

It was snowing when we arrived late yesterday....PERFECT! Today I worked out in their beautiful gym with a gorgeous view of the mountains, went on a couple refreshing walks/hikes, ate yummy food, and relaxed in the hot tub twice!...Once on our balcony hot tub...almost falling asleep (still getting use to the high altitude),...and then this evening, I had the urge after dark, to dip in the public hot tub Dad went with me...we walked down the hall to the entrance leading us outside, and stopped at the was slushing (raining/snowing)! We grabbed a couple towels and ran for it!...Man, that hot tub felt GOOD! I couldn't get a picture since we were in the slush! Definitely an amazing memory I will never forget :)

Now I will leave you with my latest Pink Pineapple Design Team layout:

I used the new Fancy Pants (LOVE IT!), and Making Memories (dye cut eyelet paper). It was a lot of fun using all the different elements: paint, felt, sewing, paper, flowers, chipboard, stickers, ink :)


  1. Totally cute page, Carrie!! Have fun on your vacation!

  2. the snow looks so pretty..looks like a blast!!! your layout is amazing as always!! Love the ink and the eyelet paper!!

  3. sounds like you're having too much fun! LOVE the snow, looks SO pretty!

    And your LO ROCKS! As always!!

  4. LOVE going into a hot tub in the snow! Getting out is SUCH a trip!!

    Gorgeous LO, again! TFS...

  5. Sooo beautiful! I love your latest pages and projects..on this posts and below! So amazing, girl!

  6. LOVE THIS!!!
    OMG Carrie, you so have me inspired I want to splatter.
    you clever girl you

  7. love the layout ~ love the picture of you and your daddy-O!!!

  8. Hi Carrie,
    Don't know how else to contact you so here is what I told you about today at Milton's:
    Had a great time Carrie, today at Milton’s. Hope you did also. Here is a little info regarding photoshop and selecting people out of photos. It does take a little practice, but not much.

    Under Magic Wand in PhotoShop see Quick Selection tool. This is what I use lots of time to get someone out of a photo and into somewhere else. Google PhotoShop 7 and quick selection tool and find free video’s on how to use it. If it isn’t in PS7 try the extraction tool found under Filters. Google that tool also.

    I love this video. I watched it a couple of times and took notes and then tried it myself working quickly. Didn’t take too long.

    Here are the Photo Shop classes are located for Free Adult Ed on Aero across from Montgomery Field

    Let me know what you think.

    Couldn't highlight the links here on blogspot. Email me at if you want me to send it to you in an email.
    ~silly sal

  9. i just had to say it {again} that picture of you and your dad is so much fun!!! i love it!!!