Friday, September 4, 2009

Cute Little Monsters!!!

...Found their way onto the front of this minibook I made for my sweet & beautiful friend, Ally:

Ally B-day Book 8.09 Full S

Ally B-day Book Pages Collage

Ally B-day Book Monsers Collage

I found all the supplies for this mini from the Borders by my house.....all the bright paper, postcards, stickers, and even the album base.....I just used my sewing machine to sew it all together.....very non-traditional scrapbooking was a nice change.....

Ally is always an inspiration.....just being around her sweet, smiley self, makes me want to create.....not to mention all the beautiful layouts, projects, and sweet finds she shares with us on her blog.....thanks for being you, Ally girl!!! LOVES!


  1. Totally Ally! I love it... awesome job!

  2. awww carrie ~ love you girl!!! this mini album is sooo perfect!!! funny thing is that i have a journal that is that same postage marked clear cover stuff from borders!!! im so lucky to have you in my life carrie ~ youre such an amazing person and friend. lucky, lucky meeeeee :-) and thank you very much for the rad mini album, sharing my special night with me last friday and for being my friend.

  3. Happy Birthday Carrie!! Hope your day is as wonderful as you!!!

  4. adorable!! just love it! And Happy Birthday Today!

  5. This is so fricken awesome of you! What a sweetheart! I bet she loved it!!!