Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My first visit to Legoland!

Was with my dear friend, April, and her two adorable kiddos :) It was a fantastic afternoon...we went on some fun rides, saw the kids giggle and smile a lot, had ice cold coke zero, and April even packed an awesome picnic lunch! Here are a couple pics:

Me at the park entrance (in the yellow and black striped dress):

Legoland w. April 8.09 Sign S

Beautiful Miss. J talking on the Tele:

Legoland w. April 8.09 J Tele Collage

Mini Manhattan all made of Legos!

Legoland w. April 8.09 Manhatten S

Sweet Mr. T creating with Legos in the play area:

Legoland w. April 8.09 T Legos S

And lovely April with Mr. T...we went on a little boat ride:

Legoland w. April 8.09 A & T Boat S

Overall, I found Legoland a very relaxing place.....maybe it's all the children running around with smiles on their faces, or the light breeze rustling the leaves of the beautifully groomed gardens, or the refreshing feeling of having you damp skin drying in the sun from all the water rides...whatever it may be, I am glad I was able to spend such a lovely afternoon with my friend...Thanks, April!!!


  1. omg!! how fun!! i live in escondido!!

  2. When I went it was a rush, rush thing to try to see as much as we could before it close as I had just picked up my friend from Colorado. I'm sure we didn't see everything ,,, so I may just have to go back again so I can get some decent pictures. Glad that you had fun!!