Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Birdie Named Paisley

I made this little 3x3 canvas, for my lovely friend, April's birthday.....the colors are so calming.....just like April:

April B-Day Canvas 10.09 Full S

I was inspired by
Kris for The Pink Ninjas.....she did this blog post on her "Plushie Canvases".....they are so cute!!!!

Thanks, Kris & Happy Birthday, April!!!!!


  1. This is fabulous!! Wow... great gift idea. And those plushies are too cute aren't they?! Great colors for your canvas... you're right about it being calming.

  2. cuuuute:D So glad i could provide inspiration :)

  3. soooooooo sweet ~ and i love the new feel of your blog missy!!!!