Monday, November 23, 2009

Midnight Showing of "New Moon"

On Thursday, November 19th at 3:30pm we were ready. We were wearing our New Moon tee shirts, (I actually had put on some makeup), we had a cooler packed with vitamin water and coke zeros, and a bag packed with lunch and lots of goodies. Before we knew it we were there, unloading everything out of the truck, and finding our spots in line for theater 3. I had lunch, and shortly after we played the Twilight Scene It game with a sweet girl in the line next to us. It was really fun.....kinda easy, but of course I came in last because every time I rolled the dice I would land on the 1.....tell me, how is that even possible??? Giggle.....memories..... By the time we were finished with the game, it was too dark to play another, and starting to get a little chilly. For the rest of our time in line, we walked to a nearby coffee shop (twice), Miss P. listened to her ipod, I read magazines I had brought with articles on Kristen & Robert (photo below), took random pics with my phone and sent them to my friends with updates (you know who you are), and then it got really cold. Miss P. said there was an invisible blizzard, and called Gloria, who kindly brought her a blanket and scarf (photo below).....and I was just thankful I wore leggings instead of stockings with holes. At this time, our chatting had become increasingly sporadic, more intense, and even more excited. It was the craziest kind of high.....there was so much excitement in the air that had built up over the past 6 hours, you could feel it seeping into your body. In no time, we were taking our folding chairs, magazines, and food back to the truck, and it instantaneously warmed up with everyone standing in line instead of sitting. The theater was kind enough to let us find our seats at 10pm (probably because it was so cold outside), and before we knew it the movie was starting!!! I have never heard so many ooohs, and awwwees, and young girls squealing in my life!!! The boys in the movie were gorgeous, and the movie started with the image of a new moon that had the most beautiful golden hue. It set the tone for the rest of the movie very well. One of my favorite parts of the movie was when the song "Possibilities" started.....the song and images on the screen are sooooo captivating together. It is my new favorite scene and song :)

Here is a collage of Miss P. and I waiting patiently in line (you can kind of see my tee shirt....there is a Quileute symbol for the moon, Bella's truck with Edward's name written in a heart with an arrow through it on the windshield, the moonlight shining down in purple, blue and green, and the forest surrounding it all):

New Moon 11.19.09 Collage

.....And a photo of our happy, tired faces after the movie:

New Moon Premiere 11.19.09 After

Thank you soooo much Miss P.!!! It would have not been the same with anyone else!!! It was a blast!!!


  1. I loooooved the photo texts I got from you - it kinda turned into a game waiting for the next!!! I'm glad they let me girl in a little earlier so it was cozy for you ladies,,, See you soon Carrie - miss you!!!

  2. I was going to go to our midnight showing right by my house, but decided it was most likely sold out, didn't want to pay full price ... and .. oh .. I actually fell asleep before midnight. So I went on Friday ,,, the first showing. The place wasn't even half full ,, and I only paid $5.50 ,,, woohoo! The movie was AWESOME!!!! Glad you had a great time!!

  3. seriously loved it! want to go again! wanna?