Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Relaxing in Washington.....and.....I'm a Pink Ninja Addict!!!

So, I have been busy making lots of presents, enjoying Christmas with Ryan's family, celebrating New Years with my family, and most recently just taking time to be with them here, in Sequim, Washington.....I return to San Diego tomorrow.....I am really not ready to leave my family and the lovely cold weather here, but it's time.....

I LOVE it here:

WA Hike 1.8,10 Me

Now, for truly exciting news!!! Pink Ninja Masters Ally & Nely are now designing scrapbook kits for sale with the birth of The Pink Ninja Addicts!!! They even have the amazing Elsie as the guest designer for their *Three Little Birds* January Kit! Their blog has some amazing scrapbook layouts and projects.....

Here is a peak at the *Three Little Birds Kit*

You can buy it HERE, while supplies last. I made this wallet with some of the lovely product:

PNA Buterfly Wallet Collage

I took a 6x12 piece of scrapbook paper, folded the bottom 2 inches up to make the inside pocket, layered all the paper strips, and ribbons, sewed it all together, and then folded the final 4x12 project into three 4 inch pieces. Easy and fun! More projects / layouts soon :)


  1. I saw this on their site ,, and it's so darn cute! You are so creative!!

  2. You always take such awesome photos! And congrats on the Ninja Addicts-looks pretty cool

  3. awwwwww love that picture of you!!! i know youre having a great time, but we miss you down here tooooooooo!! thanks for being apart of this team ~ we love you!! have a safe flight,,,

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