Monday, March 15, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

Pink Ninja Addicts Love Notes Collage

Pink Ninja Addicts Love Notes

I don't use paper much any more.  When I write notes, lists, etc...I usually put them in the notepad on my phone (I LOVE technology).  However, there is the rare occasion when I prefer to write things down on paper.  Pretty much anything that has to do with art, or something I am creating, or an idea I have, it feels more tactile or real if I write it on paper.  So, I have one of these mini composition books in my purse.  Just for me.  For that instance when I am out and about, and I find a revelation, or an idea of an idea ;)

When I saw the goodies in the Pink Ninja Addicts *Carousel* kit, I couldn't help myself.  The sweet color was calling my name, and so I covered these little books with their goodness.

The brown eyed angel that is modeling in the photo above, picked HER favorite book.  She said, "You made this for me???"  The truth is, I had not made it for her, but she thought that because she "loved" it so much that I should have.  Well, her beautiful mom ended up buying it (I was in a booth trying to sell some of my handmade creations), and now it is now at home with her, holding the sweetest little love notes.  Perfect.  I love a happy ending.

Honestly, I think my happy ending for this afternoon is going to be a big cup of tea!!!

Big hug,

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