Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello from Washington.....

First off, here is a big THANK YOU for all your sweet support and well wishes for my sister....Thank you sooooo much!!!

The drive with my brother from Salt Lake City to Sequim was OK.  He drove during the day, and I drove at night until we arrived sometime after 4am.  I prefer night driving, since it is easy for me to stay awake....the only bummer was the bad weather once we hit WA State....it made it hard to see.  My brother's little car drives perfectly straight, though, and we arrived safe and sound.

I managed to get about 5 hours of sleep before waking up late Friday morning, and driving to the hospital with my brother.  Once we arrived, it was very comforting to see most of my family lined up in the hall chatting and calmly waiting (in general, it is hard for me to visit hospitals).  We were just in time to say hello to everyone, before my sister was wheeled to her hospital bed from surgery.

I am very happy to say that her surgery went well, and after some minor complications she is recovering great!  We are waiting on a pathology report for more info, but the doctor's think that her prognosis is good.  It is such a relief.

Honestly, my trip to WA this visit has been quite different.  I don't have as many nature photos because we have been spending a lot of our time indoors with my sister who is taking time to heal.  It has been very relaxing to say the least.

However, I do get a tad bit ancy from time to time, and have been trying to make sure I get out for a taste of nature at least once a day.

We all visited my sister at the hospital twice that first day, and in-between I made time to visit one of my other sisters, Amber, at work.  Here are a couple pics.....

Peek into Greenhouse

Pink Tree Blossom

Pink Bark

Kids in Greenhouse

This handsome black puppy is my brother's 4 month old Great Dane....isn't he adorable!?!?....and that's my younger brother and nephew with him.  I am just in heaven here with the cool, rainy weather.  And it definitely doesn't stop the kids from having fun : )

I will try to update this little blog with a new post every day through Friday this week.....I have a few projects and more WA photos to share....

And since it's June 1st, here are the beautiful and perfect Pink Ninja Addicts Kits for June!!!  *Sing For The Moment* Main Kit, and *Fireflies* Add-on Kit......

*Sing For The Moment* June Main Kit

*Fireflies* June Add-on Kit

See ya sometime tomorrow!
<3 Carrie


  1. miss carrie!!,,i sooo happy your sisters surgery went well!!!,,i wish her a speedy recovery!!!,,that great dane is awesome!!!,,,sam wants one really bad!!!,,,washington looks so dreamy!!!,,,im glad you are having a good time!!,,and im glad you are loving the kit!!,,,im really liking this one too!!!,,see ya soon!!!

  2. I'm glad your sisters surgery went well, I hope she continues to make a speedy recovery. XxX

  3. Washington is so beautiful it reminds me so much of Oregon =) I'm glad your sister is doing well!!! Definetly sending out good thoughts and prayers for you and your fam!
    lots of love Ms Carrie!

  4. glad everything is looking on the up and up!
    gorgeous photos and loving those new kits!