Friday, June 25, 2010

Some summer inspiration.....

French 60's Inspiration

I recently created this little piece of inspiration.  It's hanging in my craft inspiration for the summer.  I have this really great French 60's CD that started it all!

Here is part of one of the songs....just click HERE to listen to the whole song.....

Today will be fun because I am making some goodies.  Some crafty goodies to sell in a alleged Etsy shop, and hopefully some oatmeal butterscotch cookies to munch on this weekend.  I think Ryan and I are going to make some turkey burgers at home tonight, watch a movie, and take is easy.....will be nice.....I'm looking forward to some rest (have another busy weekend ahead of me).

I have been updating my flickr every day with my versions of the photo prompts from the *Summer of Love* online there should be more inspiration for you to check out this weekend HERE.....I am learning some really cool techniques.  You might even want to try some of them out : )

Enjoy & see ya on Monday!

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