Thursday, June 17, 2010

What a great day of art!

Gloria and Me

I know this is a blurry photo, but I LOVE it!!!!

Gloria and I visited our friend, Jane for an afternoon of creating on Wednesday.

Jane has this really awesome home with a view of Balboa Park....there is so much natural light, it glows.....super perfect for our playdate!!!

We embroidered (which I had never done before, and found lots of fun), started art journal pages, drank chai (yummy LOVE), listened to music, and chatted.

I just adore all the colors Gloria adds to her art....perfect : )

Gloria's Art

The the picture below on the right side of the collage is the drawing for my art journal was a little scary.  I hadn't drawn in like 20 years.  I almost gave up, but then started to get the hang of it, and it's fun.  I'm excited to finish.

On the left side of the collage is my's a camper xoxo.....I decided that I am going to bring it with me when I visit WA this summer.  Since my Mother is letting me stay in her 5th wheel, I thought it would be a cute decoration for inside, and maybe even bring some pink twinkle lights too!!!  Would be cute, right?!?!

Carrie's Art

I forgot to get a picture of Jane's art page, but here is one of the embroidery pieces she sweet....

Jane's Embroidery

 <3 Carrie

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