Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Her Invitations

*Her Invitations*

.....for her summer wedding.

My sister, Sarah has these beautiful tattoos.  (I'll try and remember to get a photo of some of them next time I see her.)  She has some delicate lilies on one of her legs, red roses on her back, and an entire sleeve of different colorful flowers that represents our family.  This sleeve of flowers was the inspiration for her wedding invitations.....the flowers we chose, the colors, etc....

These are also the first invitations I've ever offered to make, and I have to say that I would do it again.  It gave me the chance to draw (and partially trace) flowers from photos for some of the artwork, which was fun.  Plus, making most of the invitation a digital image to print out, made it so much easier than I thought it would be to put them all together....with the help of my Mother and sisters, of course ;)

And today I am daydreaming about being with them in WA.  I can't believe it is almost here!  Only a week and a half left till I'll be hiking to beautiful waterfalls and beaches, making decorations for Sarah's wedding, eating Jean's Deli honey buns, and hugging my little sister!!!  Heaven!

Have a beautiful day...


  1. Aww that is awesome! I have a full right arm sleeve of stargazer lillies!!! =)

    The Mama Monster