Friday, July 30, 2010

We hiked through the forest.....

Sun through the trees

.....and made it a little more than half way up to Mount Townsend last Sunday.  It was so beautiful!!!  My Grandpa took 9 of us on this all day adventure.  That's him in the background (hiking) in the photo below.  He is 81 years young : )

Grandpa and the landscape

Miniature Flowers

Most of our hike was through the forest, shaded from the hot sun.  There was a cool breeze that felt like air conditioning, which was awesome, since the first third of our hike was a steep up hill trail.  We stopped often to rest, drink, and snack on our way up the mountain.  The wildflowers were so bright and lovely.....quite cheerful, I must say.....

Trail up to Mt. Townsend

*Hi Gloria*

I took lots more photos, and am sure I will share them later on layouts (or for something fun).

Tonight we made some decorations for my sister's wedding.....5 of us at my Mom's dinner table with crafty goodness spread everywhere.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, and our decorations turned out awesome (we think ;)  I'll take some photos of them, once they are hung up for the wedding (eek...only two weeks away!!!).  

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in (yay), and then I"m off to an all breed dog show with Sarah and Amber.  I am hoping to sneak in a Tootsie burger for lunch....yummy!!!

Have a great weekend!
<3 Carrie 


  1. How cute is your grandpa!!!!

    ~The Mama Monster

  2. wow. Looks like a fun day. I am so happy you get to be with them right now. I can only imagine how much fun you must be having with your sisters....and lavender wow!!can you imagine if they had that here..dude I would so with you!!!I miss you tii...