Monday, August 2, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

Layout for *G*

A layout for *G*  She is my dearest friend.

My room (at my Mom's) is officially being taken over with delightful goodness.  So far I have a piece of embroidery hanging, magenta twinkle lights, a glass pictcher filled with my freshly picked lavender bouquet, and now this sweet 6x12 layout sitting on my dresser.  Needless to say I fall asleep every night feeling blessed with my visit to Sequim : )

Here are some of the details of the layout.....

Layout for *G* Collage

I used both the July kits for this layout, *Toast & Bananas* and *Sunday Afternoon*.  I am in love with these colors right fresh, bright, and cheerful!!!

Miss you Gloria!!!


  1. ok..I am crying..I miss you too...I am in Boulder visiting or should I say dropping of the kids and its going fine..Its raining a-lot here but I have to say ts beautiful here..kisses to you...G
    I love the layout..I cant wait for you to see my friday post..paola says mom there gonna think your gay..I said so what , we just get each other..G