Monday, August 23, 2010

Pink Ninja Monday!

*Just the 2 of us*

So I am back in San Diego.  We arrived at like 7am yesterday morning.

Ryan and I both slept a lot, and then he played a new XBox game....."Lego Star Wars".....have you seen it?  It is seriously the cutest game (I am chuckling inside right now just thinking about it)!?!?  I might even start playing it.....I think I want to?!

Anyways, while he was indulged in his new game, I broke out my Pink Ninja Addicts July Kits, and just made stuff for a good three hours.  It felt SO great to be home with my art supplies!  I made quite a few tags (like the one above), and decided I want to attach a bunch of them together (probably with a binder ring) and add photos from my trip.....a mini book of sorts.  Kinda fun, right?!?!

The tag above holds a photo Ryan took of me kissing him on our last walk through the beautiful forest in Washington, so it is super special to me.  I am so blessed to have shared that moment with him.  And our walk was perfect.  Just the right temperature, cool and breezy.  I can still hear the trees as they sway together.

The other tags I made are just waiting for me to add photos, so next Monday I should have the rest to share all at once ;)   

Happy Pink Ninja Monday!!!
<3 Carrie