Monday, September 27, 2010

Playing with pretty fabric

*pretty fabric*

Today is a scortcher.  I mean really hot.  Here on the coast it's almost a 100 degrees outside.....and I am trying not to be miserable (with no air conditioning).  So, I have decided to work with some pretty fabric to help cheer me up.  There is a special project for a friend with the little stack, and a blanket for Ponyo with the flannel and black fuzzy stuff.  My sewing machine is out, and I am ready to go.  Should be fun : )

Over the weekend I made some of these tissue paper pom poms from Martha Stewart (in white).  They are now hanging in a sweet corner and making my day that much more cheery.....

*diy pom poms*

And I think I'm going to watch this movie while I work.....

Meet Me in St. Louis

It's one of my favorites to watch during the summertime, and since it's so warm today I'm thinking all the bright colors, beautiful people, and lovely music are perfect to help brighten my day.  If I remember correctly the director paid special attention to the details of all the textiles and fabrics and colors, because it was shot specifically to be shown in technicolor.  I think they even went through old sears catalogs to remake most of the costumes.  It is a wonderful movie.

Have a lovely Monday!
<3 Carrie

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  1. Hi miss Carrie!!!,,,im excited to see what you create with that fabric!!!!,,,and i love those tissue pom poms!!,,i'll be creating some soon for my sister in laws baby shower!!!,,,I need some creative running low!!!,,miss you miss carrie!!!