Saturday, October 30, 2010

{ Enjoy the little things } Countdown ~ 3

*enjoy the little things*

In theme of our Friday photo prompt, today I am celebrating the little things : )

This little collection of Fall treats are now neatly nestled inside pretty mugs (from Anthro) on my kitchen table, aka. I decided to make a mini candy "bar".  I thought it would be a fun way to enjoy the yummy treats I bought from Bate's Nut Farm.....

Fall Treats
  1. Butter toffee almonds
  2. Cinnamon Bears
  3. Peppermint Taffy
  4. Chocolate toffee almonds
Can you tell I am going through an almond phase?!?!

Ryan and I have already found ourselves standing and chatting, while we snack on these treats one at a time.  Enjoying all the delicious flavors.  We decided that we both really like the chocolate toffee almonds with the Francis Coppola Pinot Noir (Diamond Collection).  And that I really like the extra spicy cinnamon flavor in the cinnamon bears.....Although, I think we both ate more of the butter toffee almonds than anything else.....and enjoyed a little quality time : )

Maybe I can make a trip to get more sweets for Thanksgiving or Christmas?!?!  Anyone have a recommendation on what treats to try next?

Have a beautiful day!
<3 Carrie


  1. Mmmm. I love cinnamon bears! I also love chocolate covered gummi bears, and just plain gummi bears. Maybe I just have obsession with eating bears?

  2. no joke - next time you're at bates, do yourself a favor and go for the chocolate cover cinnamon bears. the BEST treat EVER!!!! you can thank me later