Friday, October 22, 2010

Your appointment with Friday

Wish you were here *flowers*

Hello again lovely people and welcome back to Gloria and my Friday photo prompt!  We are so happy you stopped by : )  This week we have something a little different to share, so just let your imagination take over and you are sure to enjoy yourself.  The prompt is.....

Wish you were here.

Wish you were here *with me*

Tea & Yarn Wishes

So, the thought behind this prompt is this:  Around the Fall season we all find ourselves a little busyer than usual and it only gets more crazy as the holidays approach.  How fulfilling would it be to take time to send someone a sweet note letting them know you're thinking of them and wish they were here?!?!  You could send it to a dear friend down the street, letting them know you are looking forward to the next time you get together for coffee, or to a family member who lives far away and tell them you wish they were here to make pumpkin bread with you.....really, it's just an excuse to send lovely snail mail to someone special.

Step 1 ~ We want to make doing this a little bit easier and lots of fun for you.  So, here's the plan.  You follow our photo prompt and take a cute photo of where you live on a map.  Any kind of map.  And it could be a photo of your city, state, county, whatever you want just as long as it represents you in a way.

If you've seen Gloria's blog already you know how simple and sweet her photo is.  I love that.  It's personal and absolutely perfect.  I decided to do a couple different kind of photos.....just placing tiny flowers on a map with Fallish colors seemed nice to me.....kinda like I'm sending them flowers, ya know?  Then, I wanted to layer a map over a Fall photo of me (wish I had one of me and Ryan to use....another time I guess) I want them here with me.  Last, I decided to make a mini instax photo just for fun with hot tea, butterflies and yarn.....craft stuff I'm using right now, like I want them to come play with me.  And these are just a couple examples of ways to take your photo.  I even thought of cutting a leaf out of the map, placing it in the sand at the beach and snapping my pic.....I think if you get a little creative, it's easy and totally fun. 

Step 2 ~ Come back here on Monday, and we'll have a special download that will help turn your photo into sweet mail.  (Plus, Gloria and I will show you how we made ours.)

To play along, just leave a comment with the link to your photo, or you can upload it to the Project Monday Flickr Group HERE.

Have the best weekend!!!
<3 Carrie 

Gloria & Me *Fall 2010*


  1. I love your pictures they are super creative and fun. I also love the border creative..I like how you ca barely see the Encinitas but its ther..Your getting so good at the diggi stuff..

  2. Oh, lovely! :) So gorgeous! What a great prompt - I'm definitely feeling like fall is a time to reconnect. :)

  3. you girls are the cutest. I love this idea. I am going to have to go make some.