Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bubblegum Sketches & DIY

Gloria's Recipe Layout Sketch

Welcome to another Wednesday of Bubblegum Sketches!!! 

The sketch above is from Gloria's Project Monday Recipe Layout, and the one below is from Carrie's Project Monday Recipe Envelope.....

Carrie's Recipe Envelope Sketch

And today I thought it would also be nice to share a little DIY.....

DIY Envelope

This is how I made the recipe envelope for my project.  It's so fun and easy!  Here are the written instructions to go with the photos.....
  1. Take apart an envelope in the size you want to use.
  2. Pick a piece of scrapbook paper, and trace the envelope onto it (i used a pencil).
  3. Cut the envelope out of the scrapbook paper.
  4. Use your bone folder to fold over the edges so it matches the envelope you took apart.
  5. Add glue (or a tape runner for not so strong hold) to the bottom edges of the right and left side flaps.
  6. Fold bottom flap up so glue attaches from right and left side flaps.
  7. All done!!!
There are so many possibilities with these sweet handmade envelopes.  You can add them to a minibook (like what I plan to do with mine), you can add it to a layout, and you can give it with a beautiful card.....simple little things like this really do make me smile : )

And for more Bubblegum Life fun.....if you haven't checked it out yet, there is a mouthwatering photo of a beautiful chocolate mocha cheesecake, with a link to the recipe on our Flickr Group (courtesy of Moon In My Garden).  Yummy!  If you have a yummy Fall recipe don't hesitate to share, we would just love it!!!

Please feel free to use the sketch images or DIY on your blog, just link them back here : )

See you tomorrow for more Cozy & Sweet Photos!
Love, Gloria and Carrie

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  1. Great sketches and that envelope tutorial is fabulous!!!! Thanks for the share : )