Monday, November 29, 2010

Project Monday

Looking at the pictures I had chosen for project Monday it suddenly occurred to me that I needed to thank my sister in law for all the work she put into making my holiday extra special.....

Gloria's Thank you card

The girl that married my little brother took the time to bake two was even deep fried.  She made berry pies from scratch and, hello, a mud pie from scratch.  She made mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes covered in marshmellows that definitely had a big impact because they were so good.  She decorated and rented tables...I was thinking about where I was when I took my picture, and how all these things I am sure were stressful.  And so I had to make my Project Monday a homemade thank you card...

Pretty Yarn

Paper Love

It was due to her hospitality that made my day possible.  Thanks Bubblegum Life for reminding me of were I was and how it came to be...

Lots of love,


I can still remember this moment like it was yesterday.....

*I am here* Layout

For my project this week I decided to make an 8 1/2 x 11 layout.  Mostly because I wanted to make the layout look like it was raining and thought the size was perfect.  Here are some of the details.....

IAH Layout Collage

And here are all the pieces I used to put it together.....

IAH Layout Pieces
Again, this week, (as you can see from the pieces above) I created another simple layout.  I cut out a bunch of clouds.....two different kinds.  Cut strips of glitter paper and rounded one end to be like drips.  Layered some pretty brown feathers around my photo, and then added my title.  And before I attached it all to the background paper, added a little black paint splatter.  I am finding that right now I'm enjoying the process of these simple layouts.  Which is a big deal for me.....normally, I am not happy with my finished creation unless it has lots of detail and different elements.  And this just feels right.  It's nice.

This weekend, I did end up taking more photos for our Where are you now? photo prompt.  I wanted to capture where I was the weekend after Thanksgiving, and try remember how it felt to be in that place.  The photos should be added to our Flickr group soon.  And if you haven't checked it out lately, there are some new really inspirational photos you are sure to enjoy!

Have fun making your little piece of art this week : )

Love, Gloria and Carrie


  1. great LO! I like the idea you had with the 'rain'. Adorable dogs btw! What breed are they?

  2. Wow! This is awesome. Absolutely love the glittery rain! And I know what you mean about thinking a layout isn't finished unless there's lots of technique or detail. But I agree... this layout is perfect just as it is :-)

  3. Thanks, Krista! Gatsby (on the left) is a basenji, and Ponyo (on the right) is a Shiba Inu puppy : )

    <3 Carrie