Friday, November 5, 2010

Your appointment with Friday

Thank you for joining us this happy Friday.  Gloria and I are here with a colorful new photo prompt for you.  The prompt this week is.....

Autumn Hues.

Carrie's *Autumn Hues*

Is anyone else deep in love with color???  Well, I am super stoked about this prompt because I feel that color is one of my biggest me as a person, to my style in scrapbooking, photography, crafts, clothes.....just design and excitement of life in general I guess.....

For this prompt, when I looked around my house the color that stood out to me the most, made me happy when it caught my eye, was the rich red you see in my photos.  Red and I have had a relationship for about a year now.  Normally everything is green (which is still my favorite), but red just kinda snuck in there.  I photographed my colorful red apron that I wear when I do the dishes and cook, my bright red converse that seem to go with almost everything in my wardrobe right now, some sparkly red butterflies sitting on my craft table waiting to be used on another Fall wreath, a Hambly overlay of frames that I think is just beautiful, and a pretty feather that I layered (in photoshop) over the Hambly.....feathers are SO Fall to me right now.  The Autumn Hue I chose may not be traditional, but it is autumn right now and it is a hue that I feel represents me really well these days.

When you go to take your Autumn Hue photo, just look for something in a color that makes you smile, or feel all warm inside.....It can represent anything about Autumn that you like.

Have fun this weekend creating your bit of inspiration.  I am excited and curious to see what color you will choose : )


Gloria's *Autumn Hues*

I love these colors during fall.....Mustard yellow, I love you.....Turquoise, take me out to dinner.....These are colors that are full, and rich of feeling for me.  They feel warm and cozy.....wintry.  The love of these colors move me.....

I took these pictures with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic App.....It has texture and gives it a great look.  Color can change your mood instantly and can remind you of a season in an instant.  That's why we thought Autumn Hues would be such a fun prompt for this week.

What color brings you to Autumn?  What color makes you feel like the leaves are falling???  Play along with Carrie and I and let us see.....

Love, Gloira & Carrie


  1. Yay, can't wait to see everyone's colorful inspiration on Monday!

  2. I loved this prompt!!,,the possibilities are endless!!

  3. A bit difficult for hues at all 'cause it´s snowing! Woke up to a white morning! The dogs are like happy crazy..:)