Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!!!

Happy Christmas from Utah!

We arrived at my bother's safe and sound early yesterday morning (like 4am their time).  It was a beautiful drive through southern Utah, all covered in white with an almost full moon.  Quite magical : )  After sleeping in a bit, we had a great Christmas Eve wrapping presents, mulling cider, hanging stockings and spending time together.....Ryan, me, Gatsby, Ponyo, Benji, my nephew, Vader, Cidney, Havoc and Lola.  Today we opened and have been playing with our lovely nephew got a netbook, and he and I have been having fun sitting at the table next to each other working on our laptops.....

Together time

Playing on our laptops

.....And my brother is currently preparing our Christmas dinner.  It smells amazing!

Have a wonderful evening and fantastic rest of your holiday weekend!!!  There is a digital Christmas card over at Bubblegum Life for you!

<3 Carrie


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