Saturday, December 4, 2010

Your appointment with Friday

We are so excited to share with you today our first photo prompt for this lovely month of December!  The prompt is.....

Self Portrait - Create Yourself

My December Self Portrait

When I set out to take my photo for this prompt, I knew I wanted to do two versions.  The one above this is somewhat staged, and I hoped to try and represent something special that I am striving to achieve this month.  For me, it this would be the crisp wintery feeling of joy.  I wish for joy to be present as much as possible in December.  Present in what I do, say, think.....and when I look at the photo above it reminds me of that.  The other version I had decided on is the set below that was shot as it was happening.  I had planed to go ice skating with my dear friend, Melanie (Hi Mel!), and hoped that photos from it would also represent the feeling of joy as it was taking place.  Seeing them now, I have an instant smile on my face and remember how much fun we was chilly out, but only cold enough to make your cheeks pink and not your nose run.....our conversation was light and cheerful.....our bellies were full of creamy hot chocolate (made by Mel).....and we went on December 1st, so it was the perfect way to start out the month : )  I love this prompt.....

My December *Me*

When you go to take your Self Portrait, think about something that you want it to represent for this holiday month.  Maybe it's taking the time to enjoy a hot cup of tea every day, or maybe you want to spend more time painting.....what ever it may be, have it be personal to you.  What you want for yourself.  You can have someone take the photo of you, or you can take it yourself.  There are no rules's all about being creative and just letting yourself go there.

Enjoy your weekend!  I can't wait to share the fun project Gloria and I are making for our photos!!!


Our prompt today is a creative prompt that will hopefully inspire you to do something you wouldn't normally do. Our first prompt for the month of december is Self Portrait, Create Yourself.  Carrie and I did just that.  We took the time to create an image of ourselves.  Yes, we kind of set it up...but it's a fun, very Christmas feeling picture.  I will look at it and see Dec 2010. Its also a great way to see what I look like at the end of the year before the stress of presents.  Self portraits can be very representative of a feeling, and a moment, and a time in our life.  They should be gentle reminders of where we are.....

Gloria December Self Portrait

Ok, so the second picture is me...I like to laugh, and its very me on a good day.  So, as you can see the prompt can mean different things to each of us, show us what it means to you and join our amazing flicker group to get inspired.

Love, Gloria and Carrie


  1. Hi Carrie!! ;)
    Love both of your photos... Gloria you look like Amelie Poulain from the movie!!

  2. Aarghhh, difficult one. I don´t like self-portraits..I just managed to take one for the last prompt..but i will give it a try ;)

  3. I love this prompt!!! Absolutely brilliant. We always forgot to document about ourselves, well at least I do ; )