Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adventuresome & Sweet Photos

Sometimes we get lost in our own forest

We sometimes get lost in our own forest.  We think we are on the right path only to find out we were a little lost. We must remember that each turn teaches us valuable lessons.

Beauty of the earth

She knelt down to see if she could find what she had been looking for, and the beauty of the earth filled her heart with magic.  There was light all around her.

She was the treasure

Then as soon as she looked up she realized that she was the light, for she was full of endless possibilities.  She saw she was the treasure.

We are often too afraid.....

We are often too afraid to go in the direction our heart calls us to go.

Move slowely forward with a graceful heart

But if we listen closely to our own whispers and move slowly forward with a grateful heart.  You will hear that little bird whispering in your ear.....You are the one you have been looking for.....It's you!!!!

{Inspirational words written by Gloria}

Love, Gloria and Carrie

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  1. aww gloria your words are poetry!!! You should write a book and put your magical photos in it!! I could see it selling at anthropology