Friday, February 18, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Hello lovely blog readers!  Gloria and I came up with a brand new photo prompt for you today.  In honor of hearts and love and little cupids and all things cute and fun for February, this week take a photo of.....

Someone you love.

Someone I love.

Ryan is my love.  Of course there are lots of other people I love too, but I rarely get a chance to take photos of him in-particular (usually he's not too fond of it), so I thought this was the perfect opportunity.  And we just made it work.  Instax mini.  Check.  Sunset.  Check.  Green grass covered park.  Check.  And we had such a great time with this mini photoshoot.  Ryan kept making funny faces, and I was just snapping away, so I have some of the silliest photos of him ever.  I remember holding one in particular, waiting for the film to develop, and feeling that twinkle in my eye as I start to smile and see his cross eyed face appear.  I couldn't help it and giggled out loud.  He immediately smiled and looked over my shoulder.  His voice chuckled and cracked as he spoke and then we bantered back and forth in between laughing and taking more silly photos.  Eventually we got these two pictured above that he considered suitable for sharing.  Of course, if it were up to me, I'd share the silliest ones ; )  What a fun evening.  Something simple.  A special memory.  Perfect.

I hope you get a chance to take a photo of someone you love this week.  I bet it will end up being more fun than you realize <3

And here's Gloria's photos.....

When we talked about love letters, two people came to mind.....Isabella because she is having her first surgery Wed. and that has lead me to many thoughts that are scary, I hope everything goes OK.  I hope she does not experience any pain.  I thought about how much completion she has brought into my life and how much I love her.....And then I thought about my best friend Carrie.  Do I have to choose?  Nope.  I am doing two love letters to two people adore, who are patient with me and whom I have a lot to say too.  Do you have a lot to say to someone.....

Love, Gloria and Carrie