Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Full Moon

Little Sis' Workspace

Back on March 19th I had started the day off with a nice walk with Amber to her work at the Bell Street Bakery.  Shortly after, my Mom picked me up for a day of art journal making with my little brother and sister.....and it pretty much took the whole day to get all three of ours made : )  The photo above is my little sister's beautiful art journal and her clean workspace.  The photo below is my little brother's messy workspace, and I'm not sure where his art journal went to.  I love the name he came up with for his though....."Destination Life".  Pretty cool, huh?!?

Little Bros Workspace

Well, after dinner the kids were dissapointed that we were not going roller skating, so Amber and I decided to take them out for Dairy Queen.  We all liked that idea.  And it ended up being so perfect because we drove to Port Williams to look at the moon while we enjoyed our dessert.  We were all in awe with how beautiful it was.....

A Full Moon

I snapped the above photo while my ice cream was melting (you can click on it to go to my Flickr and see a little larger image).  It was so gorgeous!  I guess it's the closest it's been to earth in 18 years that night.....amazing!!!

After all our ice cream was eaten and we were back at my mother's, the kids, Mom and I decided to play a movie game where we act out scenes from movies and the other team has to guess which movie it is.  We had so much FUN!  I don't think any of us have laughed that much at once in a long time!!!  Probably the best ending to a really great day : )

I hope you all find something special to help you enjoy your day today!
Lots of love, Carrie


  1. Those art journals look like so much fun!! I love that your lil brother has a messy space and no journal,, cracks me up!!

  2. fun idea for art journals! I should do that with J she should love that!

  3. Such an amazing full moon picture. I was proposed to under a full moon so this made me all warm and slushy inside =) x