Friday, March 18, 2011

Pikes Place Market

*Pikes Place Market*

Yesterday, I arrived in Seattle safe and sound.  It was cool and the sun peeked through the clouds off and on throughout the day.  Amber and I made our way to Pikes Place Market first for some lunch.  Hmmmm.....warm chunky tomato soup.....made my tummy really happy.  You can barely make out the ferry crossing behind the public market sign in the pic above.  And here are some of the daphodills that were growing above the covered walkways alongside the entrance to the market place.....

*Daffodils Over our Heads*

After lunch, we drove over to Woodinville to wine country.  Wine tasting was in order since there are 70 different places to do so there ; )  Now, we only went to two of them but honestly almost everything we tasted we liked!  We went to Covey Run Wines and Mark Ryan Winery.  Woodinville is a cute little place.  Amber and I made a couple stops on the drive home to Sequim.  We chatted and laughed, made funny faces and listened to good music.  At my Mom's I had dinner with my family and then she drove me to Amber's where fell asleep tucked under a warm down comforter shorty after.  I was pooped!

I don't know if I'll have any photos to share tomorrow.....I didn't really take any today.  But there is still a little daylight left, so there is that possibility.  But if you're interested, our next photo prompt is up over at Bubblegum Life with special guest, Kelly Purkey.....and I used another photo from yesterday there : )

Have a lovely evening!
<3 Carrie

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