Friday, March 25, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

*Dew Drops*

Hello!  And welcome to another lovely Friday!!!  For this week's photo prompt I decided to take advantage of Springtime officially being here......SO this weeks prompt is:

Flowers In Bloom

A Lovely Leaf

*She Speaks*

My Mom has these lovely bulbs growing in her front yard.  One afternoon, I was sitting at her dining room table playing with Pumpkin, and it started to rain!  My eyes got big and happy.....Eeek.....My first rainy day in Sequim!!!  I quickly grabbed my camera and dashed outside to get a photo of the lovely raindrops daintily perched atop these bright bulbs.  The photo just above reminds me a little of the original animation of Alice In Wonderland.  It kinda feels like that one flower wants to talk to us, like her mouth is just starting to open and say something sweet.....what do you think?!?

Well, actually I also think that today is super special because my other little sister (we'll call her Blondie) is joining us!  Just wait till you see her photos.....they are absolutely beautiful!!!


Take a look for yourself.....

Window to Spring

To me the photo above is like a window to Springtime!  And the pic below reminds me of a miniature forest in gnome world.....

Gnome Forest

Sweet Pink

Yellow Fellow

Field of White

This week has given me many great days of looking forward to taking my flower photos, and taking time to enjoy nature as the season changes from Winter to Spring.  I also am having the most wonderful time with Carrie.....these specific photos were taken in three different locations.  The Flower and Garden show here in Sequim, my front yard, and down the street from my house while on a lovely stroll with my big sista!  This week while you're out and about you might want to take the time to look at what little signs of Spring are in your life : )

Thanks for stopping by today!
Love, Carrie and Blondie

Me and my little sista!


  1. Ahhhhh!!! I LOVE this!!! These pictures are beautiful!!! Blondie, you did an AMAZING job!! Can't wait to photograph some blooms!!! Have fun girls!!

  2. This prompt will be a wee bit difficult, it snowed today. Still no flowers blooming here, lol!

  3. I did some silhouette photos here is the link

    hopefully it works