Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playdate with Ally Serrato

I am so excited to have Ally as my special guest for April!  Many of you know her from the Pink Ninja Addicts and their awesome kits (which I personally LOVE).  To me, she is a dear friend : )  Here are a few things about her you might not know.....

  • what artsy plans do you have for the year??  as any lover of all things crafty, i alway plan on expanding my style and working on my creations and projects more & more.  creating is so much fun and oh so therapeutic to me.  i adore it.  but mostly, im really looking forward to the pink ninja crops that my bestie and i will be hosting!!!  the first one is coming up quick, april 30th, {still spots left if youre in the area and interested},, and another june 4th.  cant wait to see how theses pan out and to plan more for the future. 
  • if your hair could be any color of the rainbow, what color would it be?  so easy.  pink.  fuchsia actually, and yes, it is in the rainbow.  my rainbow at least.  :-)
  • what cameras do you own and use other than your DSLR?  i have a fisheye, never used.  it was sorta a silly impulse purchase.  i have several point and shoot pocket cameras.  ive always got one on me, but as of late, my favorite camera is my good ol iphone.  i swear, is there anything that phone cant do??  i love it so much, especially instagram. 
  • whats your favorite Easter candy?  cadbury eggs and reeses peanut butter eggs.  of course, calories dont count, right??  i sure wish i had a body that i could eat whatever i wanted,, sadly, i usually stay away from easter candy.  {sad face}
  • what music do you like to listen to while scrapbooking these days?  i love all the top 40 on satellite for scrapbooking, but my all time favorite music is reggae.  i love it a lot, a lot.  

See you Friday for her super cool photo prompt!
Love, Carrie and Ally

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    1. eeeeeppp!! I'm so excited to be a guest designer this week!!! yay!!! thanks for having me and I'm stoked to share our prompt and projects!!! thank YOU!!!