Friday, April 22, 2011

Your appointment with Friday

Happy Earth Day, Good Friday, Easter weekend, or whatever your preference may be!  I have a feeling that today's photo prompt will inspire you to be adventurous!!!  And so here it is, along with Ally's super fun take:

Other Cameras Need Love Too

i love the idea of switching up your camera.  often, we tend to stick to what works best, or what we are most familiar with.  case in point, how often do you see photo booths??  until recently, i totally forgot all about them, or, dismissed them, rather, when passing them up.  a few months ago my kids and i were at sea world, which we often do and my little girl said *mama, lets go in there*,, i stopped, and was like, dang, what a great idea.  and of course a wave of regret ran through me because i just realized i had missed so many years of photo booth opportunities.  such a bummer.  now, i make it a point, every single time i see a photo booth, wether im in a rush or not,, stop and take pictures,, maybe even do a few different photo shoots.  its so much fun,, im loving it!!!

thanks for having me carrie, and allowing me to share my story!!

{xoxo} ally


Aren't Ally's photo booth pictures so stinkin' cute!?!  I just love it!!!.....and I totally feel inspired to go have some taken myself, you? 

For my photos I am sharing some instax that I took the last few days I was in Washington.....

*Other Cameras Need Love Too*

The timing of Ally's photo prompt couldn't be more perfect for me.  Since getting my DSLR last summer, I rarely use other cameras, however, while I was in Washington and snapping away with Clem (my Canon Rebel), I also was taking on an average 2 or so Instax photos a day.  And boy was it a big hit!  Every time I took it out of my purse to take a pic whoever was around got just as excited as me to see how they were going to turn out.....super fun!!!  There is something about being in a place taking a photo and watching the image of what you just took appear before your eyes to cement a wonderful memory in your mind.  The photo upper left is of my baby sister with her puppy.....they are so cute two peas in a pod!  Upper middle is our visit to Port was pouring down rain and we all had a blast!!!  Upper right and lower left is Freshwater Bay.....another fun afternoon with my Dad.....we had a yummy picnic lunch together and that was our view.....lovely!  Lower middle is me holding one of my sister's baby duckies.....that was a sweet morning for sure.....little duckies are so soft and make the cutest little noises : )  And last but not least lower right is my last day in Sequim before leaving.....a walk back from The Spit, my Mother looks so tiny compared to all the big beautiful trees <3

What other types of cameras do you sometimes use to take photos?  Your phone?  Or a pin hole camera maybe?  Share your ideas with us (and photos if you have them).....I don't know about you, but I often get excited when trying new things, especially when it comes to photography.

Have a lovely weekend,
Love, Carrie and Ally

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