Friday, May 27, 2011

Your Appointment with Friday

Out for a walk.

*Spring Flowers*

*Trail Head*

*Rocky Path*

*Canopy of Trees*

*Tree Branch*



I actually try and do this for each season.....go out for a walk and just take pictures of what I see.  I find that it helps me think a little more creatively while looking through the camera lens because I really have to hunt for the things that I think are pretty to photograph.  Sometimes it's a wide scale of whatever setting I'm in, but most of the time it's the little details that bring a smile to my face : )

The photos above are from last week up at Snowbird.  Amber and I went on a guided nature walk down in the canyon.  I knew I wanted to take pictures of what I saw but honestly during this time of year to me everything looks the same up there.  Rocky brown dirt and trees with little bits of green starting to peek through here and there.  So, as you can imagine, at first I was at a loss of what I should photograph.....that is until I came across the only patch of flowers I saw during our entire walk.  All I needed was that little bit of color to spark my curiosity and let my imagination go.  After that I saw things a little differently.  Instead of just seeing a rocky path surrounded by trees, I saw a lovely canopy of trees that arched over our walkway kind of like it was framing where we should go.  I saw how tiny we were compared to this large canyon, and noticed the contrast of the detail in the tree branches to the snowy capped mountains in their background.  I noticed my sister enjoying the view of the old silver mine ruins as she shivered from the crisp morning air.

This week I hope you get a chance to go out for a little walk with your camera and see if it sparks your creativity.

Enjoy your holiday weekend lovely people!
Love, Carrie

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