Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Summertime is for fruit scented candles.  Summertime is for experimenting with different flavors of iced tea till I find my favorite.  Summertime is for spending time at the fair so I can hang out with friends and family, and practice taking light bokeh photos.  It is for enjoying warm evenings with my sweetie, taking my doggies for long walks, and eating marzipan chocolates in the afternoon.  Summertime is for waking up early.  Summertime is for lots of work, trying new things and hopefully lots of play.  Summertime is for eating Mexican food at the beach for dinner, and frozen yogurt dates in the middle of the week just because.  It is for organizing and hoping my little sis comes for a visit.  Summertime is the perfect excuse to eat a whole box of fruit at once, and to make a homemade kite.  Summertime is for praying everyday, loving life and trying extra hard to smile more.  Happy first day of summer.  <3 Carrie

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