Friday, June 24, 2011

Your Appointment with Friday

Hello lovely blog readers!  Happy Friday to you!!!  As promised, here are my summer solstice photos, along with a new spin on last week's prompt.....

On a Tuesday

*first day of summer*

My first day of summer was great.  I did the following.....
  • Had my first product photoshoot....yay!!!
  • Ate the best Philly cheesesteak covered fries EVER for lunch (was a dork and didn't get a photo)
  • Picked up photos from Costco for scrapbooking and hanging around my living room
  • Took both Gatsby and Ponyo on a long walk
  • Wore my summer shoes
  • Got lots of photos of different wildflowers
  • Turned on the fan (cuz it was hot) and inspired by all the pretty flowers decided to watch Marie Antoinette
  • Enjoyed a couple pieces of my favorite chocolates for a late afternoon snack
  • Spent the rest of my day playing on Pumpkin, editing photos, soaking up inspiration from some of my favorite blogs, and created a few blog posts on both my blogs
And here is a pic of my little boy playing in the flowers.....

*ponyo in the flowers*

I just love all the layers in this photo.....I think I might blow it up to hang on my inspiration wire.....


Well, I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my day : )  For this week's photo prompt the challenge is to pick a day of the week and document it as much (or as little) as you would like in photos.  It's pretty much the same as last week, except instead of documenting the first day of summer, you document a Tuesday, or Wednesday or Saturday, etc.  For me, honestly, the day started out with me not really feeling the whole taking photos all day thing, but once I was warmed up, I really enjoyed it a lot.....and I think you will too.  I hope you get a chance to play along!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Love, Carrie

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