Friday, August 5, 2011

Your Appointment with Friday

Happy Friday to you! This week's photo prompt is sure to brighten your day, it is to make time to.....

Paint your nails a favorite color combo.

*red, pink & yellow*

*red, pink & yellow*

One of my favorite color combo's right now is red, pink and yellow....I think they are soooo pretty together!  I set up my tripod, grabbed a bunch of yarn and squeezed them with love for my photos.  Of course at first, I wasn't quite sure how to photograph my freshly painted nails, but all it took was a little imagination and now I have a couple crafty photos in addition to pretty colors at the end of my fingers.

This week, if you find yourself asking, "What is something fun I can do for myself today?", I would recommend this.  Paint your nails a favorite color combo and then take a photo of them.  It feels great : )

Have a lovely weekend!
Love, Carrie

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