Saturday, September 17, 2011

{day 17} on the shelf

{september} on the shelf | yarn {september} on the shelf | trinkets {september} on the shelf | paint {september} on the shelf | fabric

Some of the goodies in my craft space.  I like to have them out so I can see and remember they're they are pretty to look at (even though dusting them is a pain ; ).  I keep baker's twine and clothes pins in the gray swans, the yarn I use for my wreathes, and the spray paint and fabric are both for scrapbooking and various crafts.  I also have a shelf (now shown) that is just different punches stored in metal bins.  I find that I use these specific items more by having them out *on the shelf* to add to my crafting fun!  I have been editing photos almost all day and into the night today, and have scrapbooking planned for tomorrow.  I love the weekends!!!  Have a beautiful day.  <3 Carrie

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