Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{day 19} where i slept

{september} where i slept

So today I'm playing catch up since I forgot to take yesterdays *where i slept* photo.....and this is where we sleep.  It's actually our futon in the living room.  We turn it into a bed a night, and even though we have a guest bedroom we prefer this.  I just love the light streaming through in the morning/afternoon!  Ryan and I both sleep with two pillows.  One queen and one king.  I have two satin pillowcases on mine.....a purple and a silver.  Ryan has a silver satin and black and white checker cotton.  At night we fall asleep with pink twinkle lights on.  It's VERY relaxing.  What's it like where you sleep?  (Today's photo post will be up tonight.)  <3 Carrie

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