Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{week in the life} monday


Welcome to day one of my *week in the life*.  Here's a little bit about my Monday in photos, in no particular order.

I checked Twitter and Bloglovin on my phone while laying in bed.  Watered the plants.

*watering the plants*

Relaxed while drinking the most delicious maple tea with caramel creamer, and enjoyed the company of my curious little puppy who wants to be a part of everything I do.

*he's curious* *self portrait | maple tea*

It stayed foggy on the coast all day.  It was beautiful and I LOVED it!

*fog all day*

A patch of sun streamed trough a little further inland while I was at Home Depot hunting for mums.

*home depot*

I also left with a little Spanish moss, and a few more mums than I originally planned.  There were so many lovely colors, I had a hard time choosing.

*shopping cart*

Home and ready for potting.

*ready to plant*

Made tacos for dinner, and stopped at this farmers market for the best salsa.

*salsa from the best market*

Went grocery shopping in the evening.

*grocery shopping*

And that's pretty much my Monday!  Tomorrow I have to remember to get a couple pics of Ryan, and I want to use my Instax too!!!  See ya.  <3 Carrie


  1. that's cool! i really dig the different angles that you used to document especially this one inside the basket =)