Friday, January 6, 2012

hello 2012

*love will take you there*
(Digital template from Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Friday on 1/6/12.)

Well, December flew by faster than any other month last year with so many fun and exciting things to do I didn't even end up having any time to blog.  There were lots of play dates with my girlfriends, holiday shenanigans with Ryan, an early Christmas dinner with Ryan's family, my sister Amber flew down and then we all went on a road trip to be with my family in Washington for Christmas (doggies and all).....and I have to say that having my whole family together was more wonderful than I could have ever imagined! I didn't take a lot of photos in December, but will share the few I took as I go back and edit them.

Ryan and I arrived home to California a couple days ago and since then I have been contemplating my plans for the year, as I'm sure a lot of you are doing as well. What will my *one little word* be? I have a list of possibilities.....words that I think about on a daily basis, but haven't been able to decide on one to signify my goal for this year. What do I want to look forward to on a regular basis? Last year I put together a 2011 album where I documented all the little things that made my life and each day a little made blogging fun and more interactive in a crafty way and I loved it (plus it helped me appreciate the beauty of my life with Ryan)! How have I grown from last year, and what has changed in my life for the better and worse? When I married Ryan 16 years ago, I had no idea that I would still be so in love with him now. What can I do to be a better wife, while still being me?

The answers to these questions seem to come to me when I least expect them. I'll be driving in the car talking to Ryan about something not realizing it is even related a question I have been contemplating until it hits me like a brick wall. Then the connection is made, and it seems so simple, so breathing. And so far I've decided on the following:

  • I want to focus on our home. Organizing, simplifying, purging, packing (we'll be moving in a few months). I'm not the most domestic person, but when I work on making my surroundings more comforting to the soul and pleasing to the eye, I tend to cook, clean, and smile I know Ryan's appreciates it (except for today when I threw out some expired cooking spices he needed to make dinner. Oops :)
  • I want to focus on editing, printing, and scrapbooking photos/memories from the last few years that I think about on a regular basis, but have not made the time for yet. You see, the truth is I'm lonely at home all day by myself. When I work on editing and scrapbooking photos of my family it gives me lots of joy, so I've decided to do this for myself.
  • I want to be brave enough to not let my health overwhelm me. To believe that it's OK when I'm in the middle of something I can't finish.
  • I want to have enough heart to do better at accepting good people for who they are and showing them lots of love.
  • I want to complete one digital layout a week for the entire year that symbolizes something current and dear to me. Right now, my plan is to use the templates from Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Fridays. Simple and fun. Perfect.
  • I want to make more time for my commissioned crafts at home.  Little bits at a time instead of big chunks all at once this year.
And that's about it for now.  I'll be back with a post once I've decided on my *one little word*, and I also have some fun photos ready to share from a walk with one of my little sister's in Washington.  I won't be blogging as much as last year, but at least once a week if not more.  Till next time.  <3 Carrie


  1. Can't wait to see your new word Carrie and all the beautiful photos and projects you will share with us this year! and I'm extra excited to work on the travel journal with you!!!

  2. Love this! Good luck with your goals, and all the best in the new year! :)