Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Railroad Bridge Park

Railroad Bridge Park

Me & Bridge

Ryan & Bridge

Green Moss

Glowing Trees

C&R Kiss

Bridge Walkway

Our last morning in Sequim required some outdoors time.  So, we took a walk on a bridge, and through the forest.  The sound of the Dungeness River was melodic, and the air smelled sweet.  

There were all different types of trees, and most of their leaves were a really light shade of green.  When the sun shone through them, they glowed the prettiest yellow.  I even kissed my sweetie under their beautiful canopy!  

Some of the colorful moss that grew on the side of the walkway rubbed off on my jeans.  I didn't notice till much later, and it was nice to know I took a little more of our peaceful walk home with me : )


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