Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{vals} travel journal

About San Diego
Well, in the midst of packing for our big move up to Washington I managed to finish up another travel journal.....and I LOVED it! Val designed the best book with super fun prompts!!! The page above is my version of "tell me about your city or state".  I chose San Diego for my theme (instead of just California) and picked photos of the beautiful Del Mar Racetrack, the magical La Jolla beach, exotic flowers in my backyard, and the super fun San Diego Fair : )

The page below is "favorite song", and right now mine is *From Now On* by The Features.  The lyrics are printed out on a piece of paper and folded up inside this cute pocket.....

Favorite Song

Here's "favorite color".....mine is green.

Favorite Color

Next is "favorite scenic spots", so I added in a favorite pic from the Quail Botanical Gardens, my puppy sniffing through all the pretty flowers in my backyard, and the view at La Jolla Shores. There are so many different types of beauty here is was hard to choose which to share.....

Favorite Scenic Spots

This was a "free page", so I scrapbooked *what's in my bag*. Kinda fun.....

What's In My Bag

A peek at how it all goes together.....

 Vals Travel Journal

And a San Diego postcard with some cutesy embellies on top.....


On the manila tag is my "favorite saying or quote". It's been the same for both books so far.....*it's okay* is kinda my mantra for 2012.....

Favorite Saying

This journal spot is the front and back of my "recipe" for *passion ice tea lemonade*.....soooo good!

Details Ice Tea Lemonde Recipe

A super simple spot for a "self portrait".....

Self Portrait

And on the last page is "10 things about Carrie".....I printed out photos for each item and hand wrote each *thing* on top of them.....

10 Things About Carrie

My 10 random facts:
  1. My natural hair color is dirty blonde and right now it's strawberry blonde.
  2. Beverages are my favorite food.
  3. I exercise to control my anxiety.
  4. I've lived in the city for 15 years.
  5. I need lots of beauty sleep.
  6. The simplest things give me lots of joy.
  7. I look forward to learning new things.
  8. It makes me smile that my puppy, Ponyo, sometimes meows like a kitty.
  9. I have to create.
  10. I watch movies and listen to music everyday.
My 10 Things Little Teddy

Two travel journals down and one to go! <3 Carrie


  1. what a great mini album! The colors make me excited for summer.

  2. holy cannoli!!! bright colors & happy.
    love love this! Thank you for the mini ideas that you posted on my blog. very cool, i may just add some of the prompts from this mini too =) hope u don't mind.

  3. Wow Carrie!!!!!!!!! eeek I cannot wait to get my hands on this book again!! I love everythign you did but especially the 10 random things is so interesting!!! love that you printed out the pics and then wrote on them!!!!

  4. I love, love, love San Diego! I've only been once but when I went, Juno Beach and Encinitis stole my heart. Your album brings back memories of that trip.

    Ummm your 10 things about yourself is eerily close to mine. I exercise like crazy to control my anxiety and I listen to music and watch movies every day. Great creatives must think alike :)

  5. Wow Carrie, these pages are awesome! I just love your style :)